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IN THE NEW VISION: South Sudan sanction, terrorism case...

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Added 17th March 2017 08:38 AM

Owino market traders have appealed to Museveni over a huge bank loan.

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We bring you a list of the sanctions, why they are being imposed and what China and Uganda have proposed should be done instead.

The terrorist claims against Sheikh Kamoga are weak, the defence lawyer has said.

-    New Vision gives you a detailed argument from the lawyer.
-    Read it and decide if you would free Kamoga or jail him if you were the judge?

Rakai district has 600 jobs that have not been filled.
-    Check out the jobs that are still vacant, why and what the district has decided to do.

A big part of Uganda’s history was destroyed as Nakivubo stands were razed down.
-    We bring you the sad moment in pictures as the World War

Memorial stadium was brought down, ending over 70 years of history.
Owino market traders have appealed to Museveni over a huge bank loan.
-    Find out how much time the traders have and what will happen if they fail to pay back the loan.

A Police boss has been suspended for beating up two Vision Group

journalists at a graduation ceremony.
-    We have details on what made the Police boss forget his duty of protecting the public.

Malaria drug prices have been cut. Do not be cheated.
-    Get the list of drugs and the new prices.

Issa Hayatou has been voted out after 29 years as the boss of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).
-    New Vision has the story of the rise and fall of Hayatou and the profile of the new president.

The EU and the USA have demanded an independent probe on the military operation to silence the Kasese clashes.
-    We have the background to this conflict and why the EU and US have stepped in.

The Chinese community have announced a reward of sh300m for anybody with information that will lead to the arrest of the killer of two Chinese women in Makerere-Kikoni last month.
Official Ingrid Turinawe has sued MP Mohammed Nsereko over defamation and wants millions in compensation.
-    Find out what Nsereko allegedly said and did to attract the wrath of Ingrid.

Find out why public service minister Muruli Mukasa has opposed the Bill to liberalise the pension sector.
-    Read the New Vision to know what is in this Bill and judge for you.


NRM supporters are set to build a war monument in Entebbe.
-    Find out why the NRM diehards find it so important to spend over sh8b to build a monument. Where will all this money come from?

New Vision has the answers.You may also subscribe for the Epaper

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