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Teachers should lose licences for molesting students - Mandy

By Martin Kitubi

Added 13th March 2017 02:51 PM

“Even when a student seduces you for sex, as a lecturer or teacher you must say no to it"

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“Even when a student seduces you for sex, as a lecturer or teacher you must say no to it"


Former Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) chairman, Fagil Mandy, has urged the Ministry of Education to cancel licenses belonging to teachers who sexually abuse students.

“It’s unethical for a teacher to have sexual affairs with a student, our professional standards regard us as parents to them and therefore licenses should be cancelled to protect the dignity our profession” Mandy said.

“Even when a student seduces you for sex, as a lecturer or teacher you must say no to it, the education ministry must introduce laws on this” he added.

He made the remarks while responding to media claims that university lecturers demand for sex from students in exchange of marks.

Mandy stated this at the launch of ‘The Campus Challenge’, a book by Anita Muhaire Malinga, at Hotel Africa over the weekend.

He however blamed indecent dress code by students especially girls as the main cause of molestation at universities adding that laxity by universities over dress codes has made it worse.

“Universities should have stricter rules on dress codes; however teachers should not use it as an excuse to abuse our students” he added.

Mandy further noted that sexual immorality has increased among youths blaming it on bad peers and drug addictions.

He advised students to study hard for good marks rather than peddling sex for marks adding that employers are looking for hard working graduates rather than lazy ones.

James Kasule a lecturer at Nkumba University in Wakiso District in his defence on behalf of lecturers said at times its students who initiate sexual affairs with lecturers.

“Students are seducing lecturers for sex after realizing they have failed exams or aptitude tests .Only few lecturers have tried to fight the seduction” he said.

He however agreed with Mande that lecturers shouldn’t fall prey and called for a law that protects lecturers from such incidences.

Grace Barya a mother of two blamed sexual harassment by lecturers on students’ lack of parental care and guidance by their guardians.

She added that parents have opted to mind about work and left the responsibility of moral upbringing to the children themselves. She also decried the lack of sex education.

“Parents don’t care about the indecent dress code of our daughters and sons. We have to counsel children on what they should do while at school. Therefore the problem shouldn’t be about lecturers alone” she said.

About the book

The Campus Challenge stresses how a student can survive while at university bearing in mind the challenges.

Muhaire shares her insights and past experiences while at university noting things like retakes, relationships, bad peers and social life among others.

“We have neglected challenges faced by students while at university and this has prompted me to write the book for both students and parents” she said.

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