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Ingrid, never throw stones while in a glass house

By Admin

Added 1st March 2017 10:35 AM

Fellow MPS openly urged their peers not to elect her

By David Serumaga

This saying directly reflects to the FDC secretary for mobilization Ingrid Turinawe who experienced the wrath of legislators in the 10th Parliament whom she used to abuse not knowing that her day would come for them repay her.

It was hot during the election of Uganda’s representatives in the East African Legislative Assembly mostly when Ingrid came to the podium to ask for votes.

With a joint effort, legislators from the opposition, independent and the ruling party loudly chanted “twamuganye Kubanga yeyisa bubi” translated to mean “we have refused because she behaves badly”. Others held placards with “No pigs vote”.

Before even she started to speak, others wanted to get physical but were stopped by the sergeant at arms. It was comical and entertaining.

Few days back, Muhammad Nsereko, the Kampala Central MP, openly urged fellow MPs not to elect her.

Among other things, Nsereko accused her of being behind a group of youth that dropped piglets at Parliament bearing names of legislators including his. 

Others were saying that she used to abuse and undermine them and it was their time to behave like her.

A few of them said that since she called them pigs there is no way they can elect her and that pigs being animals, they cannot vote a human being. 

Ingrid will live to remember her deeds and the 10th Parliament because what goes around comes around. At one point she under-looked her peers and now it was the same Parliament she was pleading to for votes.

I condemn the person who advised her to contest yet he or she knew that in the 10th Parliament, majority legislators are NRM members.

We very well know that Ingrid is one of President Yoweri Museveni’s biggest critics and when it came to looking for votes, she wanted NRM to vote for her.

The only advice I can give her is never to throw stones yet she stays in a house of glass.

Never treat people badly when you do not know what will happen tomorrow.

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