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Former Ruhaama MP contestant’s house vandalised

By Rwambuka Mugisha

Added 27th February 2017 06:31 PM

Police has opened a case file against the four under reference no. CRB.410/2017

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Amanda Magambo showing the extent of the damage. Photo by Rwambuka Mugisha

Police has opened a case file against the four under reference no. CRB.410/2017


Police in Ntungamo are investigating an incident in which a house belonging to Amanda Magambo the former MP contestant for Ruhaama County was demolished by her brothers due to family wrangles.

Ntungamo District Police Commander Baker Kawonawo said they are investigating that incident where Magambo a daughter to the late Eric John Magambo is accusing her brothers including Mpumwire Magambo, Goliath Gumisiriza, Martin Matsiko and Godwin Rubahamya of demolishing her house.

The four suspects are accused of demolishing Amanda’s house and also cutting down her banana plantation and another house belonging to one Karemani Byaruhanga, a relative and manager of Amanda’s farm.

Police has opened a case file against the four under reference no. CRB.410/2017.

The incident after the late Magambo children’s developed misunderstandings and were divided over the equal sharing of family properties, as  Mpumwire Magambo  and Goliath Gumisiriza claimed to be the rightful administrators of the assets, something Amanda and Karemani are opposed to.

Mpumwire who is also a former Ntungamo district LC5 candidate for chairmanship said him and Gumisiriza Goliath, Martin Matsiko and Godwin Rubahamya agreed to evict Amanda and Karemani because they built a house on land that did not belong to them and that they didn’t first consult them as administrators of the family.


Police has charged Mpumwire, Gumisiriza and their other two brothers with four counts of malicious damage, threatening violence, intermeddling and theft.

When contacted, Mpumwire noted that Karemani was evicted lawfully because he was supposed to shift to another place in Nyabugando where their late father gave him a piece of land but he stubbornly refused to go there.  

He added that he went to court and asked for the court eviction order that was signed by Magomu Nasuru the Ntungamo magistrate Grade one and was successfully implemented by a court bailiff one Patrick Beingana.

Amanda noted that Mpumwire and Goliath Gumisiriza’s letters of administration were  earlier challenged in court but they didn’t wait for court’s ruling, and instead they  continued to do what they want,  She vowed to deal with them  accordingly.

Amanda is represented in court by Counsel Musamali as Mpumwire and his three co. accused are represented by Counsel Niwagaba Wilfred (who’s also the MP for Ndorwa West).

Police said the investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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