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In today's New Vision: judges, nurses, EALA

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Ingrid Turinawe has defied an order from the FDC party president.

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Ingrid Turinawe has defied an order from the FDC party president.

Hello and good morning on a dull grey Friday in Kampala. Have you had your coffee/tea yet? Don't let the weather dampen your spirits, so why not grab yourself a copy of Uganda's leading daily New Vision, which cool enough, you can read full online HERE.

The weekend is here, so how about a glimpse at what to expect in today's expect?


Following the controversial order made by Justice Steven Kavuma to Parliament, the Constitutional Court has outlawed orders issued without a coram.

Find out the type of orders single judges will no longer be allowed to issue. Find out what will happen to the other interim orders issued before. Does this order apply to other courts? Read the New Vision.


HIV/AIDS is still a threat. About 50 Ugandan adolescents are infected with the deadly virus everyday. We have details from a comprehensive study.
Find out why the chairman of the oil cash probe committee, Abdu Katuntu, has blasted the Uganda Law Society. Do not miss the full probe proceedings inside.
Business mogul and Pakistan ambassador Bonney Katatumba has died. We have the profile of Katatumba and the burial plans.

To boost local products, Parliament is drafting a law on local goods and services. Do not speculate what is expected in this new law, read the New Vision to be informed.
The Police has summoned MP Mohammed Nsereko over beating up a journalist. Find out how far this case has gone.
The Nurses Council has finally accepted to register the embattled nursing students. Get circumstances under which the council was forced to register these nurses. We have the full background to the long-running saga.


Ingrid Turinawe has defied an order from the FDC party president. Get details about the order and what Turinawe has decided to do.
Magistrates have threatened to quit their jobs over poor pay.  How much do magistrates earn and how much more do they want? Read the New Vision.
On the sh24b Katosi road fraud, the detailed dealings between Apollo Senkeeto and a top Housing Finance bank official have been revealed. Get the full story in the New Vision.

How did the Government decide to send about 1,000 UPDF soldiers to Equatorial Guinea? Parliament is now investigating the sensitive military issue. We bring you the details.
MPs are also probing the defence ministry for paying out billions in war compensations without proper documents. Find out which military officer got over sh1b and why he was paid so much money.


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