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Uganda Cricket Association elects Badu, new board

By Charles Mutebi

Added 18th February 2017 08:01 PM

Badu beat rival Paul Nsibuka 9-7 in a three-man race

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Incoming UCA Chairman Bashir Ansasira (left) is congratulated by the outgoing Chairman Richard Mwami after the elections. PHOTO: Michael Nsubuga

Badu beat rival Paul Nsibuka 9-7 in a three-man race

UCA Elective Assembly
Chairman: Bashir Badu Ansasira
Hon. sec: Eric Kamara
Other board members: P. Nsibuka, J.K Musoke, S. Mukesh, E. Tibagye, P. Yajnik, P. Kaheru, M. Nanderenga
Bashir Badu Ansasira has been elected new chairman of the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) as the elective assembly ushered in a new board this afternoon at Kati Kati.
Badu beat rival Paul Nsibuka 9-7 in a three-man race that saw Shukla Mukesh refuse to cast a ballot for himself.
"God is great," Badu said in the first remarks of his victory speech.

"As a board, we are ready to take responsibility for our policy, actions and decisions and as such be informed that our decisions will be fair.

 Uganda Cricket Association delegates go through the voting process during the elections 

"I promise to do as much as possible to try together with the board other stakeholders to improve peace through the implementation of high levels of transparency and the quick responses of complaints that require action".
Those words were a reference to the Tornadogate dispute that overshadowed the 2016 local cricket season and ultimately played a leading role in Badu's ascendency to the chairmanship.
Accordingly, Badu and the rest of voting delegates voted to reverse the decision of the Appeals Committee that overruled the decision of the Games Committee to relegate Tornado for not turning up for their now infamous game against Tornado Bee. The Appeals Committee decision had also cost Tornado Bee the 2016 national league championship, to the benefit of the Challengers.
Nine delegates voted in favour of a reversal of that decision, six abstained while one was a spoilt ballot.
Eric Kamara beat Jeremy KibuukaMusoke to the position of honorary secretary by 12 – 4.

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