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By Stella Nassuna

Added 3rd January 2017 01:20 PM

A change that works for you may involve including new clothing to your closet.

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A change that works for you may involve including new clothing to your closet.

Do not get stuck in 2016, it is the New Year already, and that means it is the time for you to appear new and fresh.  Nothing else speaks fresh and new  more than the way you look.  Time to dare your style in 2017 and here is how you can pull it off.


It is true that your closet is filled with outfits, jewelry, shoes and bags from the previous years. It's not bad, but staying fresh and new in 2017 will require that you make some changes.

A change that works for you may involve including new clothing to your closet especially if you have some money to spare. It could also mean resurrecting those clothes that you have not worn for years, or putting away all your overwhelming worn outfits, shoes and accessories in 2017.

It could even mean you need to mix and match it up a bit, a touch of new and the old to create your own style, an already popular style.


Have you been playing it safe, or you are the kind who has been daring all the way when it comes to how you look?  Being fresh and new could require you to change your 2016 style, and adopt a new one.

For the ladies who have been risk takers and daredevils, when it comes to the way you look, 2017 is definitely the time for you to tone it down a little bit. If mix-matching prints, bold hues and elaborate detailing were the 2016 thing, it is time to wear less.

Wear minimalistic hues, clothing, shoes and bags. The new thing in fashion is saying more by wearing less. However the finishing and structuring of such attire has to be on-point, clean enough to create a sophisticated and elegant vibe.

For the ladies who kept it safe and simple all through 2016, it is time to dare a bit. Throw in the bold hues, mix and match prints, and also look out for clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry with elaborate detailing.


If you have been the natural hair girl, probably it’s time to try something new. Have a feel of the relaxer’s world. If you have been the long hair freak, 2017 should get you on a short hair journey.

Are you obsessed with relaxed hair? Then it is time to try out the natural hair world.

Have you kept your hair in most of the time by braiding over it or wrapping it all year long? Loosen a bit your hair this year: let it breathe, let the natural air touch it. They say sometimes you may not know what you are missing until it arrives.


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