No happiness ‘when we can’t forgive’

By Ashraf Kasirye

Added 25th December 2016 03:17 PM

"We all know that as the Catholic Church we move together as one."

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"We all know that as the Catholic Church we move together as one."

PIC: Rev Father Paul Ssekayala delivers the homily at the Namugongo Catholic Church on Sunday. (Credit: Ashraf Kasirye)

KAMPALA - Christians have been urged to forgive in a Christmas Day message at the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine, Namugongo.

In his message, Rev Father Paul Ssekayala said “there cannot be happiness and light when we can’t forgive.”

He told faithful that Jesus was born as a sign of forgiveness and reconciliation and as such, Christians should learn to forgive.


Meanwhile, at the same prayers, head of laity John Nakedde Ssempanyi told believers to welcome back their fellows who have been diverted away from the Catholic religion.

"We all know that as the Catholic Church we move together as one,” he said.

“The biggest problem we are facing is the too much desire by some of us to lead miracle masses and prayers. I therefore urge you to avoid being overambitious so that you save your faith from eroding.”

Ssempanyi added: “We pray that our friends who went away come back, and I call upon you to welcome them without any condemnations when they return – because this is their home.”

Kira Municipality Mayor Julius Mutebi (pictured) addressed the congregation alongside his wife Jennifer Nsubuga and called upon members to continue praying for leaders in the coming year which is expected to be a difficult year in every aspect.


"Government programs are full of bureaucracy. Politicians at times disagree and the economy is not favorable for us to achieve everything but with your prayers, these and many other challenges will be no more,” he said.

“Over 25000 people, men, women and children are yet to become homeless. We request our President [Yoweri Museveni] to reconsider government position on this matter, at least by either compensating these poor people for the structures they have on this land or give them more time for another option.”

Mutebi also urged people to stop constructing in road reserves for better physical planning, stop littering rubbish everywhere anyhow, guide their leaders and also report any wrongs they come across.

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