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So he will find an excuse to look at it just so you can notice his watch (alone) could save your family from poverty.

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So he will find an excuse to look at it just so you can notice his watch (alone) could save your family from poverty.

Williams Bugeme with Zari

Williams Bugeme is clad in a well pressed suit when we met at Café Javas for the interview. He is rocking an expensive timepiece and he knows it.

He knows that you don’t encounter 17 carat BigBangs (watches) every day, let alone, in Uganda. So he will find an excuse to look at it just so you can notice his watch (alone) could save your family from poverty.

His pants, carefully tailored to accommodate, but not suffocate his legs sit comfortably on his oxford shoes. He cuts the ultimate dapper poise. And he wears the confidence such smartness wields on the way he does everything.

If he is drinking, he is not gobbling. He prudently throws the whisky swigs at the back of his throats like they will stain his lips.


Like he is in a movie. Other socialites want this. The men want to be like him and the women want him. He has been rumored to date most of the Ugandan musicians. But as theories are amassed on the assumption of what exactly he does to own such a pompous lifestyle, he maintains that he is a gold dealer. It is thus no surprise that when throwing his much anticipated annual party, he named it White and Gold party.

Williams Bugeme is not new in the Kampala spotlight. He is famed for commanding a legion of fans courtesy of his sense of style. The Congolese born Ugandan also won the Most Stylish Celebrity in the ASFA’s. If he is not rubbing shoulders with top notch East African Musicians, he is doing. We met him for an interview about his life.

Who is Bugeme?

He was born on February 15, 1985 in Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has lived his life as a travelled, never spending much time in one country. He has traversed the world in search of comfort, till he settled in Uganda a couple of years ago. He embarked on learning English after his move to Uganda so he joined Makerere University, where he majored in the English Language. Bugeme also holds a degree in Bachelor in computer Sciences from the Aptech Institute of Computer Science.



He is close friends with Brian Ahumuza of the Abryanz Collection and is one of the few customers who have maintained loyalty at the high-end shop. He is also constantly rubbing shoulders with Tanzanians musical superstar, Diamond Platnumz and wife, Zarinah Tlale. He was thrust into the spotlight when during the Dress 4 success campaign in 2014, he was picked as one of the most well-dressed individuals in the drive to ASFA’s. The spotlight shone on him then ensured that he got voted as the Most Stylish Celebrity.

White and Gold Party

Bugeme is holding his annual White and Gold Party on December 26 at Guvnor. It will have performances from artistes like Winnie Nwagi, Aganaga Khalifa and a surprise international artiste. It will have appearances from musical artistes all over Africa.

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