Here is your date night checklist

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Shower and shave – Put effort into your appearance and be prepared for that possible kiss and then some.

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Fall is the season of fun with all the holiday magic in the air.  It is the time of year for gluttoneous festivities and endless parties so don’t miss your opportunity to ask that special person you have been eyeing to accompany you as your party date.

Capitalize on the holidays and get all dressed up for the occasion.  Turn up the charm and most importantly take advantage of all the great fall fashion.

Date night checklist

1. Clean your car - If you’re taking your car, regardless if your driving or not ( you never know what can happen), make sure your car is clean.

2. Shower and shave – Put effort into your appearance and be prepared for that possible kiss and then some.  You don’t want your scruff to scratch up your date’s face. Be sure to brush your teeth, and pack some breath mints to pop in after dinner.

3. Smell good – Avoid heavy perfumes and aftershaves.  Remember scents that you like might not be alluring to your date.  Something important to consider is that your date could also be allergic to heavy scents. All natural, organic products such as essential oils is a good investment.  Play it safe than sorry.

4. Look the part- Pick out your outfit in advance. Dress to impress but pull an ensemble together that represents you and then add in some extra flair with a hat, scarf or cardigan.  A special date is a great excuse to treat yourself to some new shoes or great pair of boots. Crisp and clean is always a winner. Be sure to iron that shirt if need be.

5. Be on time - Plan to arrive a few minutes early but not too early. Allow flexibility for delays in traffic and be sure to call and give a heads up in the event you do run into any delays that are out of your control.

6. Be open – Relax and go with the flow. Have a plan but don’t be rigid.  You might have made dinner reservations but come to find out that your date has food allergies and suggests somewhere else.  Nothing is more comforting than someone who can accommodate special needs or requests.

7. Pay – That’s right.  You read correctly.  Number 7 is to pay the bill, especially if you were the one to ask your date out.  It’s always a treat when you don’t have pay so be a classic gentleman and pick up the tab.

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