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Gender-based violence remains threat to women

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Gender-based violence remains threat to women

By Owen Wagabaza

For several years, Jessica Namale was battered by her husband Yusuf Ngobi whenever the couple had a disagreement. According to the neighbours, Ngobi would beat his wife whenever he came back home after a drinking spree. Because of their three children, Namale opted to fight for her marriage and thus withstood the beatings, hoping that one day, her husband would change.

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Gender-based violence: So many laws, little impact

Basing on the Constitution and commitments to other international obligations, Uganda has one of the best legislative and policy frameworks against gender-based violence (GBV), yet the vice still remains high. According to the Demographic Health Survey of 2011, 56% of women in Uganda have experienced physical violence at somepoint since the age of 15 years.

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Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

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