The aim is to enrich young people with practical skills, knowledge, inspirations and experiences.
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Mon Nov 14 2016 .
Breakdance finals slated for this weekend in Kampala
Journalist @ New vision
The aim is to enrich young people with practical skills, knowledge, inspirations and experiences.

KAMPALA - The grand finale of this year's Break-Fast Jam will take place this weekend in Kampala.

And this will all go down at YMCA, Wandegeya over two days (Saturday and Sunday) as skill, energy and entertainment will be on show.

The event's menu is rich: a dose of battles/competitions sprinkled with a dollop of performances and showcases, and peppered with clothing exhibitions and sales. Oh, and plus free workshops and educational discussions.

For the last six years, Break-Fast Jam has organised events here in Uganda and neighbouring Kenya and host participants from around the world.

The motivation is to enrich young people with practical skills, knowledge, inspirations and experiences "on a neutral platform", with the overall aim of "cultivating a positively enrinching breakdance and hiphop culture" on the continent.

To achieve this, the organisers incorporate competition and performance with education and exhibition.

The two-day event will run from 2pm to 9pm local time, with an entrance fee of sh5,000 per day. It will be free entry for kids aged 10 and below.

Fancy some details? Here you go . . .


These will bring together the 6 competitors who won the eliminations rounds held in Eastern & Central Uganda regions and Kampala and Nairobi in hiphop dance styles; Breakdance (Seven 2 Smoke & 1 on 1) and popping (1on 1)categories. Qualifying competitors will be joined by dancers with exceptional skill sets from within Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda who've been give direct invites by the organizing team total up the required number for each battle group. Elimination rounds for 3 on 3 crews, Bgirls (female breakdancers), Kids (below 15yrs) and solo popping battles are going to be held on day one of the event to find the final competitors of each category.

Tanzania Vs Uganda will be a fun battle where the BBK Bboys crew from Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania will compete with the Ugandan team selected by the organizers.


Rap music, dance, Djing, beatboxing/vocal percussion will be performed by Ruyonga, St. Nellysade, DJ Aludah & Dj Crisio, Lady Sylke & Dj Nesta, Faizal Mostrixx, Dj Snuff, Moze Beatboxer, Dj Issa & Dj Isaac King, Spotlite crew, Koma dance company, Kongoloko, Tandika Esaawa, Nilotika band, Byg Ben Omumasaaba, Mc Yala, Ibra Buwembo, Party People, , BBK bboys crew. Stonee Jiwe, M.A.K.E8890 and Bboy Harry.


Koz N Effect, Freshlane & Break-Fast Jam merchandise, Mou Qreashionz, Kyendi Kyendi clothing and Joana Joojo.


These free knowledge and skills based seminars will include master classes in dance, djing, Yoga, workout & stretching, teacher training, Injury prevention, professional development and battle judging followed by discussions and Q & A sessions. These are purposed to build participants' capacity and professionalism.

Other activities include community outreaches, networking parties among others.


1. Bboy Mefo, Polskee Flavor (Poland)

2. Bgirl Venka, Raw Bgirls crew (Poland)

3. Mouse aka lin, SouthEast Crew (China)

4. Savan (UK/kenya)

5. Dj Snuff, End of the Weak (Ireland).

6. BBK Bboys Crew (Tanzania)

7. Sisko crew reloaded (Kenya)

and many more from Rwanda, DRC, Kenya, Tanzania etc..


FreshLane, an initiative working to empower young people socially and economically through cultivating and elevating art, culture, education and facilitating creative development. Comprised of members of Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU).


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