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Clerics call for quick solution for Cancer

By Ramadhan Abbey, Victoria Nampala

Added 9th November 2016 06:04 PM

Over 60,000 cases of cancer cases are registered at Uganda Cancer Institute annually

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Religious leaders have called upon doctors and researchers in Uganda to find quick solution for the increasing cases of cancer.

Speaking during cancer awareness drive at Le Memorial Medical service, Bishop Edward Muhima of North Kigezi diocese said doctors should come out immediately and advise the public on cancer disease.

The call comes after getting information that breast and cervical cancers are one of the leading causes of death among women, over 300 to 400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and are between the age 18 and 35.

Over 60,000 cases of cancer cases are registered at Uganda Cancer Institute annually.

Muhima said: “We have experts, but they are quiet instead of giving advice to people. If it's about food, let them advice people on the type of food people should eat, prevention is better than cure. Love your country come up and guide the public.”

He also said besides politics, Uganda has one motto, for God and my country let's love our country, love one another, help each other as the only way we shall live in harmony.

Through praising and worship he urged patients: “If you believe and I believe and we all together pray, the Holy Spirit will come down and Uganda will be healed.”

Dr. Henry Ddungu, an oncologist at Uganda cancer Institute noted that habits like smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and poor feeding increases chances of cancer. He also assured the public that cancer can be cured when tested early. 

Ms Mary Mutungi, one of the cancer survivors called upon the Government to avail cancer drugs to people at low price because tablets are very expensive and a poor person cannot accesses them.

She also assured people that cancer can be treated, saying the public need to know the right drugs if has been checked at early stage.

After the mass, a cancer song was launched and people were checked with cancer, HIV AIDS, blood pressure and others.


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