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In today’s New Vision: MUK students arrested, and more ...

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Added 4th November 2016 08:02 AM

Find out what 35 Makerere students have been charged with, plus plenty more news inside.

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Find out what 35 Makerere students have been charged with, plus plenty more news inside.

Hello and good morning. Here's a sneak peek into Friday's New Vision newspaper that's already on the streets as well as online (HERE) . . .

Following several clashes in Kampala between shopkeepers and street vendors, President Yoweri Museveni has spoken out about the problem and issued tough directives.

Also, on the closure of Makerere University, the president has promised to re-open the university soon. How soon? Find details on Page 3.


In a related development, still at Makerere Hill, 35 Makerere students have been arrested. What have they been charged with?

The education minister, Janet Museveni, has spoken out on the closure of Makerere University. Find all these interesting stories in today's edition.

Meanwhile, the Chinese boss has arrived in Kampala for talks with the government over the controversial Karuma and Isimba hydro-power dams. We bring you the details and what has forced this big investor to come here.

Uganda and Kenya have signed a crucial agreement on the Standard Gauge Railway. The agreement includes how the diesel traction system of Kenya will interconnect with Uganda’s electric system. Do not miss the details of the deal that was signed on Thursday. Flip over to Page 6.



The vice-chancellor of Victoria University, several faculty deans and heads of department have resigned. Do not miss the details in the New Vision as the dons reveal what is going on at Sudhir’s university.

Museveni has appointed a new KCCA director for administration. Who is he? Do not miss his profile. After the resignation of the KCCA Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Judith Tukahirwa, we bring you the various changes taking place in the city authority.

By the way, did you know that the cost of construction materials has gone down? Do not miss the list and cost of materials from the Uganda Bureau of Standards. We also bring you the reasons for the falling prices. Will they go up again? Get a copy of the New Vision to get up-to-date information.


Find out why gender minister Janat Mukwaya is worried that non-Muslims are marrying Muslim girls yet many inter-religious marriages are happening around the world. Get the reasons from the gender minister inside.



In a worrying situation, over one million Ugandans lack food. But the good news is that the rains have started. Will they be enough for planting and maturing the crops? Which crops can you plant now? Get advice from the experts and know when the rains are expected to stop.

In spite of what you may think, Uganda’s human rights record has improved. New Vision brings you the facts from an authoritative survey.

And finally, the government wants Obote and Amin’s ancestral homes turned into tourist sites. But what do the families of the two former presidents think? New Vision brings you the answers and details of the government plans.

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