Lira fish farmers get fish feed mill

By Isaac Baligema

Added 25th October 2016 12:00 AM

FAO has also set up a fish seedling centre in Lira

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FAO has also set up a fish seedling centre in Lira

Over 400 fish farmers in Lira district are delighted after getting the first fish feed mill in their area which will save them costs of having to travel to Kampala to fetch feeds for their fish.

John Peter Ariong, the Lira District Fisheries Officer (DFO) noted that Lira is one of the districts in the country with the largest number of fish farmers but have been spending a lot on transport costs to Kampala to fetch fish feeds.

“The expenditure on transport costs has been hindering the farmers’ profit margin but this fish feed mill will help them save on the transport costs they have been incurring to get fish feeds and this is a plus because farmers’ incomes will increase and help them in their livelihood,” Ariong stressed. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) supported the feed mill and trained fish farmers in modern fish farming.

The country representative for FAO Alhaji Momodou Jallow last week during the commemoration of the World Food Day held in Lira district toured the fish feed and fish ponds of some farmers and noted that fish farming is a viable and profitable business.

“The market for fish within Uganda, in the region, on the continent and internationally is massive and my simple advise for Ugandans is to take up this venture because it is a profitable and viable business for any serious farmer,” Jallow explained.

FAO has also set up a fish seedling centre in Lira where farmers in the district can acquire cheap fish seedlings for Tilapia.

“Some farmers have been finding it hard to transport fish seedlings from Kampala and some reach when they have died henceforth this project shall help them not only to cut on transport costs but it will also be convenient for them,” Jallow added.

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