The danger in having your laptop on your lap

Oct 31, 2016

Study finds men who place laptop computer on lap put testicles at risk of overheating, infertility.

 A man carries a laptop on his lap. Study finds men who place laptop computer on lap put testicles at risk of overheating, infertility. Photo by Juliet Kasirye.

Portable computers are often used at tight contact with the body and therefore are called "laptop". This is an improper site for the use of a Personal Computer, which consequently should be renamed to not induce customers towards an improper use.

About laptop health, an interesting study was made by Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Reproduction Medicine, University of Siena .

The authors measured electromagnetic fields (EMFs) laptop computers produce and estimated the induced currents in the body, to assess the safety of laptop computers.

The authors evaluated 5 commonly used laptop of different brands.

They measured EMF exposure produced and, using validated computerized models, the authors exploited the data of one of the laptop computers to estimate the magnetic flux exposure of the user and of the foetus in the womb, when the laptop is used at close contact with the woman's womb.  In the LTCs analyzed, EMF values (range 1.8-6 μT) are considerably higher than the values recommended by 2 recent guidelines for computer monitors magnetic field emissions, MPR II (Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation) and TCO (Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), and those considered risky for tumor development.

When close to the body, the laptop induces currents that are within 34.2% to 49.8% ICNIRP recommendations, but not negligible, to the adult's body and to the foetus (in pregnant women).

On the contrary, the power supply induces strong intracorporal electric current densities in the foetus and in the adult subject, which are respectively 182-263% and 71-483% higher than ICNIRP 98 basic restriction recommended to prevent adverse health effects.

FCC report regarding safety from EMFs way back in 1996 states that a laptop needs to be placed at least 20 cm from the body.

Lounge-book is the ergonomic support that keeps away your laptop from your body . Thanks to the fully adjustable laptop-tray "suspended" by the metallic structure, you can find always the ergonomic position, to prevent pains and other postural diseases.

American Academy of Pediatrics, say that chronic exposure to the heat source on the underside of a laptop computer can cause an unsightly rash dubbed "laptop skin" or, laptop-induced "erythema ab igne," a web-like, pinkish-brownish lesion. Also known as "toasted skin syndrome," erythema ab igne can result from prolonged skin contact with any significant heat source. Laptops been identified as an agent, Heat exposures at laptop positions could also induce negative effects on spermatogenesis and fertility.


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