Makerere suspends 15 students over indiscipline

Oct 26, 2016

The vice chancellor has powers to suspend a student from the university or to discipline the offenders in any manner he deems fit

In a bid to end indiscipline, hooliganism and lawlessness among students, Makerere University has suspended 15 students over destroying university property.

In the letter dated October 25, to the suspended students, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu said that on Tuesday evening last week, students stormed University Hall kitchen and damaged property like chairs, cups and plates, dining tables, doors and a fridge in addition to pouring food at the entrance of Mary Stuart Hall.

Ssentamu further indicated that the students contravened the university gazette of 2015 of university regulations Sec 8(9) (b) (iii), 9(1) (a).

"Therefore, in accordance with section 6(1) (d) of the Makerere University student regulations 2015, you are hereby suspended from the university with immediate effect and you are required to leave the university premises by Tuesday Oct 25 2016 not later than 5pm" Prof. Dumba instructed.

He added that during the period of this suspension, students will not be allowed to make any appearance on the university premises or participate in any university activities, including lectures, coursework or tests.

"Your case will be represented to the University Disciplinary Committee and you will be informed of the hearing date" Prof. Dumba said in the letter.

The suspended students are; Donart Nayebare a 4th year student, Aziz Tworo a 3rd year, Fahad Ndugwa 4th year, Joseph Mugume a 2nd year, Solomon Taremwa 2nd year, Francis Kayiira 3yr year, Timothy Mambule 4th year, Justus Ayesiga 3rd year, James Kigenyi a 3rd year, Gerald Wabugoya 3rd year, Simon Wanyera, Francis May Abit a 3rd year student, Samuel Kigula 3rd year student, Rashid Kassim 3rd year and Rodgers Ashabahebwa 3rd year.

Ritah Namisango the university public relations officer said the penalty of these students will be determined by the committee in the hearing as it will be headed by a member outside the university on a level of a judge, two representatives of the academic staff, a senior member of the administrative staff, and a member of the public.

"The vice chancellor has powers to suspend a student from the university or to discipline him in any manner he thinks fit and seek approval of his actions at the next meeting of the university disciplinary committee" she said.

The officer in charge of security at the university, Jackson Mucunguzi said that he is in touch with all the hall wardens to ensure that the students keep away from the premises.

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