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Nkumba University ordered to refund fees

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Nkumba University ordered to refund fees

Your favorite meal could be leading you to your death. See what health experts are saying about your blood group and the food you should eat. Read the New Vision to know how to live a healthy, long and happy life.

Many Kampala vendors have been arrested in a forceful eviction by KCCA enforcement officers assisted by the Police.

Find out which roads have been given to the vendors to operate from and what they need to operate from there.

Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba has asked court for more time to file more documents to defend his seat against Steven Sekigozi. Do not miss the latest update on Sematimba’s case.  

We have 8 pages on what you need to know about your Parliament.

President Museveni attends Zambia’s independence celebrations. Museveni also visited the first president of  Zambia, President Kenneth Kaunda.

We have the full coverage of the president’s visit and what they discussed with president Edgar Lungu and 92-year-old Kenneth Kaunda.

The United Nations has advised other countries to adopt Uganda’s Sustainable Development Goals if they are to develop. But what is in Uganda’s development model that is so good for other countries? Buy a copy of the New Vision for details.

Find out why the Batwa have threatened to go back to the forests?

The Vatican has defended the appointment of the Bishop of Arua diocese, Sabino Ocan Odokidi. The Vatican has spoken out on various issues concerning the conflict in the diocese and Archbishop Baptist Odama.   

Like the Catholic Church, the Church of Uganda wants to set up a bank through its development arm, the Kingdom Development Organization (KIDO). Do not miss Archbishop Stanley Ntagali’s plans in the New Vision.

The Police and the Army have launched a fresh disarmament exercise in border districts. Find out which districts are affected and what has prompted to the security forces to launch the exercise.

Rebecca Kadaga has been elected as the Inter-Parliamentary Union boss. How many countries are in this group? What does it mean for Uganda? Find out why other candidates from other countries stood down for Kadaga.

Nkumba University has been ordered to refund the penalty fees levied on students after a violent strike in which a lot of property was damaged. Find details of this important court decision and what it means for other institutions which might be faced with a similar situation.

Finance Permanent Secretary Keith Muhakanizi has denied authorizing the public service ministry to pay over sh15b pension money to Bob Kasango’s law firm as legal fees.  Muhakanizi tells court what the money was supposed to do and what happened. Read the New Vision to know the loopholes in the system.


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