King Oyo visits Kabushenga's farm

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The youthful monarch slaps on his gumboots and takes a tour around the vast farm.

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The youthful monarch slaps on his gumboots and takes a tour around the vast farm.

King Oyo of Toro made a trip to the farm of Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga in Namayumba, Wakiso district at the weekend.

The youthful monarch, accompanied by his agriculture minister David Sabiti and other officials, slapped on his gumboots and took a tour around the vast farm.

For Kabushenga, it was time to drop the office suit and go for the overall and gumboots to blend proper into the farming environment. 

The Vision Group chief executive is known for being keen on his personal physical fitness, and a regular at local marathons for that matter. So, this climb with the team on his farm during the tour was merely a walk in the park. No sweat! 

"Over there!", he seemed to be saying as he gestured to the relaxed tall king who wore a grey coat, white shirt, cream trousers and grey boots. 



Here, Kabushenga goes down to put his vision to good use. He is looking for the best pawpaw to give to the king.


Finally! Trust Kabushenga to get what he wants! He did land on the right pawpaw, which he gladly handed to the grinning monarch . . . 

 . . .  good enough, King Oyo didn't have to keep holding what he had been offered. His bodyguard was at hand to help. 

Kabushenga is also known to be a man with a rich sense of humor, and so it's almost impossible not to have a moment of laughter when around him. Even King Oyo, who usually cuts a serious figure and look, succumbed to a doze of rib-cracking episode!


Vision Group has been recognizing the best farmers around the country. And the winner of the first competition, Patrick Iga (right), explains to the attentive visiting king how to grow and earn from pawpaws. 

 Meanwhile, Kabushenga's farm sits on quite some vast land. Behold the view from this vantage point! 


Here, Kabushenga shows the monarch the underground water tank (and below) with which he plans to use to irrigate his farm. 



On his part, King Oyo talked about how farming can boost development in Uganda and advised fellow youth to engage in the potentially rewarding venture. 

After there, Kabushenga gave his royal visitor a bunch of bananas (matooke) at the conclusion of the tour. 

 Oh wait. There was also some exchange of ideas between the two . . . 

 . . .  before the king took a group photo with Kabushenga and his customers.

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