Dr. Obote College wins innovations competition

Oct 16, 2016

Dr. Obote College beat 12 other schools from all over Uganda.

Dr. Obote College, Boroboro won the 2016 Science and Technology Innovations Challenge organized by Makerere University.

They beat 12 other schools from all over Uganda.

Teso College from the east came in second while Maryhill High School from Mbarara took third spot.


Students from various engineering clubs across 13 secondary schools participated in the competition, with projects showcased at Imperial Hotel in Kampala.

It was organized by Makerere University's College of Engineering Design, Art and Technology under the iLabs MAK project.

The initiative was aimed at promoting science and technology incubation through project-based learning in secondary schools in an effort to illicit interest in science and technology in transportation.

The challenge had two tracks: the robotics, where each school presented a project depicting application of robotics in line with the theme, and game field trucks.

The schools made robots which were tasked to carry an object from a certain point an deliver it to another spot and park itself automatically.

 The playfield on which the robotics were operated



Kiira College Butiki students preparing their robot







A St Mary's College, Kisubi student wiring his team's robot

Maryhill students explain how an automated fire extinguisher works in case a vehicle catches fire 



Lira College students' innovation of a solar-powered wheelchair


 Maryhill High School came in second

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