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Maxime speaks out on FIM Africa challenges

By Johnson Were

Added 30th August 2016 04:25 PM

He sighted the need to teach the young riders to be more aggressive

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Maxime van Pee (L) and Arthur Blick Jr. (C) and Maxime's mother while in Nairobi for the Africa Motocross Championship. Photo by Johnson Were

He sighted the need to teach the young riders to be more aggressive

After narrowly losing the FIM Africa Nations Motocross Championship, the local motocross governing body has been urged to start preparations for next year's championship in Botswana. 

Team captain Maxime Van Pee and his predecessor Arthur Blick Jr said that there were mistakes that should be avoided next year if Uganda is to win the continental championship. 

"I'm happy with the performance of the team but there were those small mistakes we need to start correcting early enough," Maxime stated citing the disqualification of Alestair Blick for being an underage in the MX2 class. 

"I think rules should be interpreted well and we get to know who is scoring and who is not as a team, besides the regular training by experts," Maxime added. 

He also cited the need to teach the young riders to be more aggressive while representing their country and know when the fall they have to quickly carry their bikes and continue. 

Blick also echoed the same saying that FMU should work on training the current team so that in the future Uganda has a strong MX125 and MX2 class because the two classes scored very few points. 

"We also need to concentrate on the 50cc class to put in more effort. These young children need to improve on their mental attitude to know they ride for a country in such tournaments," Blick explained. 

However, a parent who travelled with the team added that there is need to educate the Marshals to know that in such tournaments it a team and not individual riders. 

"Some marshals only paid attention to children of those parents who footed their bills to Nairobi and could not support others. By the time they realised that we are a team, it was too late," the he said. 

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