Soroti lunch on the rocks

By Titus Kakembo

Added 24th August 2016 12:47 PM

“Amucalat (Madam), what will you have?”

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(Credit: Titus Kakembo)

“Amucalat (Madam), what will you have?”


Your tongue is in riot mood and you happen to be in the heart of Soroti Town. Look no further than Solot Rock slopes and the main market. You will not miss seeing the signage.

Amucalat (Madam), what will you have?” an attendant wearing a lazy smile asks a diner. “There is boiled chicken, smoked beef in groundnuts and emolokonyi (cow hoof).”

The place with a sitting capacity of 50-80 medium-sized diners fills to capacity. To get a place, be there by 12:30pm to beat the dining jam. The price tag is between sh5000-sh10,000.

The customer care is good for Eastern Uganda standards, the gent’s is fairly clean but could do better and the menu comes very brief.

Be rest-assured to walk away belching or beaming with smiles of satisfaction. The portions are generous and hot pepper is availed on request just like wine and spirits.

The scene after the demolition exercise

Travelers destined for Mbale, Moroto or Lira not only refill their gas tanks in Soroti but also their appetites for food at the Arch as well. There is no better place to feel the Soroti pulse or sample some Iteso cuisines.

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