10 foreigners arrested over work permits

By Cecilia Okoth

Added 23rd August 2016 07:11 PM

In 2015/2016 alone, 402 were deported

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The suspected illegal entrants paraded at the ministry of internal affairs in Kampala. Photo by Rachael Nassuuna

The Legal and Inspections Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested 10 foreigners for lack of work permits. They include nine Chinese and one Indian.

According to Memory Nimurungi the spokesperson in the department, it is not known how long the illegals have spent in the country as upon arrest, most did not have any identification.

Nimurungi was addressing the media at the ministry headquarters where the immigrants were being paraded.

The identified immigrants include Liu Yuan Wei, Li Yeo Tei, Hou Chang Zhang, Wang Zhen and Zhou Xlas Dong.

Others are Huhe Long, Wa Ping You, Han Lin Cheng and One Rajesh, all working at Nile and Steel Company in Mbalala, and Yu Zaz Wani working at Newly Red Bright Construction.

"For a foreigner to work in the country, they must have a work permit or else are fined $3,000 (sh10m). Their company has to have deposited $100,000 (sh336m) to the Central Bank," Nimurungi explained.

Statistics from the institution show that from the financial years 2010/11 to 2015/16 a total of 1,936 illegal immigrants were deported.

In 2015/2016 alone, 402 were deported.

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