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OLYMPICS: Serugo turns pro after defeat

By James Bakama

Added 14th August 2016 07:36 PM

He was declared loser by a split points decision by a jury of five at Rio-Centro Pavillion 6

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Ronald Serugo looks on as his opponent is declared the winner.

Men’s Flyweight 

Ronald Serugo 28 Narek Abgaryan 29

After a career highlighted by two Olympic outings and an amateur spell in Sweden, Ronald Serugo has decided to take off his vest.

Serugo’s decision to join the paid ranks came on Saturday after he controversially lost to Armenia’s Narek Abgaryan.

He was declared loser by a split points decision by a jury of five at Rio-Centro Pavillion 6 on Saturday.

Infuriated by the result, Serugo stated “I can’t continue as an amateur where winners are declared losers. I have decided to move on.”

“It is time I also started earning money from my talent. I am looking at the AIBA pro series where I can earn some money and also represent my country,” explained Serugo.

Mayweather also shocked

Amongst those surprised by the result was boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. He was amongst several stars in the stands that couldn’t hide their disappointment.

“Something ain’t right in the way fights are being scored here,” complained Mayweather, an Atlanta Olympics bronze medallist.

Serugo was even more bitter. “Rather than continue boxing at amateur where a lot is not clear, I have decided to go pro.  I clearly won this fight.”



Coach Sam Rukundo also called it theft. “My fighter was in charge from the word go. He did all the attacking and landed more punches. We are really disappointed.”

Human resource crisis

The human resource crisis in Uganda’s boxing was again underlined by failure to provide a seconder at the ringside.

Rukundo had to plead with Kenya to give a hand. Kenya, in true East African spirit duly helped by offering the services of coach David Munuhe.

World Amateur boxing body AIBA allows only three star officials at the ring side.


Uganda faced a similar problem at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games where coach Dick Katende (RIP) wasn’t allowed at the ringside. Kenyan coaches again saved the situation.

Se-ru-go Se-ru-go Serugo

The fairly big crowd in the Olympic arena enthusiastically supported Serugo. As the Ugandan delivered his blows the fans yelled Se-ru-go, Se-ru-go, Se-ru-go.

Then when Abgaryan was declared winner by Colombian referee Carbonell Alvarado, the crowd booed.

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