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Is 24 hour shopping in Kampala coming to an end?

By Billy Rwothungeyo

Added 31st July 2016 08:08 PM

“There are no people shopping after midnight"

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A man does nighttime shopping at Nakumatt Oasis.

“There are no people shopping after midnight"

When East African retail giant Nakumatt Holdings opened its first store at Oasis Mall in 2009, Ugandans were given the chance to experience a first—24 hour shopping.

In fact, the signage that stands out the most on Oasis Mall is Nakumatt’s, with the 24 hour shopping featuring prominently on it. Well, it looks like Nakumatt management is going to replace that banner.

“We wish to notify our shoppers that starting 1st August 2016, Nakumatt Oasis will cease to operate as a 24 hour store,” reads a notice in the outlet.

Renson Matundura, Nakumatt Uganda’s marketing coordinator explained to New Vision why they are ceasing 24 hour operations at their first ever store in Uganda.

“There are no people shopping after midnight, so it does not make sense for us to keep the store open for 24 hours,” he said candidly.

Matundura however says the retain outlet’s store in Bugolobi will remain open 24 hours. The change in trading hours at Nakumatt Oasis is yet another testament at the volatility of the retail market in Uganda.

The retail business in Uganda is facing hard times, as the state of the economy sees many Ugandans tone down on consumerism.

he notice at akumatt asis all branch hoto by illy wothungeyo The notice at Nakumatt Oasis Mall branch. Photo by Billy Rwothungeyo


Uchumi Supermarket, which had an outlet at Garden City Mall next to Oasis Mall, exited the country.

South African outlet Shoprite is also said to be struggling and on several occasions, it has been reported that they are contemplating exiting the Ugandan market altogether.

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