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Suspected Kumi defiler remanded

By Charles Achoda

Added 28th July 2016 10:55 AM

Manasi Odongo, who denied the charges, will remain on remand in Kumi Government Prison.

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Manasi Odongo, who denied the charges, will remain on remand in Kumi Government Prison.

PIC: A paralegal officer carries suspect Manasi Odongo out of the courtroom. (Credit: Charles Achoda)

Court in Kumi district has remanded a 45-year-old disabled man for allegedly defiling an 11-year-old girl.

Manasi Odongo appeared before the Kumi Grade One Magistrate Hope Namisi and was not allowed to enter plea since the court did not have powers to try the case.

Namisi said the case against Odongo is capital in nature and, therefore, she does not have powers to try the case. She immediately sent the suspect on remand in Kumi Government Prison until August 2.

Manasi appears in the dock. (Credit: Charles Achoda)

The prosecution led by Peter Angoli is arguing that Odongo defiled the girl at his home in Kanyumu ward Kumi municipality on July 20.

At the time of the said incident, the parents of the child were away.

Odongo, a neighbour to the victim, is alleged to have taken advantage of her parents’ absence to commit the said crime.

He denies the charges against him, and insists that he only provided refuge to the girl after she was reportedly beaten by her uncle.

 “It’s true that the girl has been staying with me, but it’s not true that I defiled her. When you look at me, can I really do such a thing?” Odongo told New Vision.



 Munasi said he did not defile the girl. (Credit: Charles Achoda)

Meanwhile authorities at Kumi Government Prison are worried about his caretaking in the prison. A prison officer who preferred anonymity said the prison does not have special facilities for people with disabilities.

“Without discriminating, I want to state that it’s going to be very difficult to handle such a suspect because he requires special attention,” he said.

“I don’t know how we are going to help this suspect because when he wants to go to the toilet, you have to carry him. For food, you have to carry him. For bathing, you have to carry him, etc.”


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