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Muyingo denies ending Luwero scholarship schemes

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Added 14th July 2016 08:36 AM

In the wake of the allegations, the minister has blamed his political rival Ali Ndaula Ssekyanzi for delivering the claims.

By Martin Kitubi   

LUWERO  - State minister for higher education Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo has refuted claims that he terminated the scholarship schemes for the needy in Bamunanika constituency in Luwero district.

 “I have not terminated scholarships for my people in Luwero, and neither do I intend to terminate them in the near future. I will continue to help my people even after retiring from office,” he told New Vision.

He said he has helped the needy even before joining politics and that he will always be ready to help them.

”I was a needy too during my school time, and people helped me to raise fees. I immediately started helping them after my Senior Six.”

Through the Bamunanika Constituency Fund (BACEFU), Muyingo has provided help to the poor and elderly people in his constituency. It has seen young beneficiaries through primary, secondary and university education.

In the wake of the allegations, the minister has blamed his political rival Ali Ndaula Ssekyanzi for delivering the claims.

Ndaula occupied the Bamunanika parliamentary seat for one term in 2006, before losing the position to Muyingo in 2011. The two have continued to battle for the same post from the NRM primaries and the just-concluded general elections, with Muyingo reigning supreme since.

“I have defeated him two times for this seat – first as an independent in 2011, and during the NRM primaries which I won in my absentia. He contested for Luwero district NRM chairperson which he lost. And he is trying to bring me down,” said the minister.

He told New Vision that he has continuously called for unity among Muslims in his constituency and this could be the reason why his opponents who benefit from the division between the Kibuli and Old Kampala Muslims factions are spreading the allegations.

He has however called on people in his constituency to come for the different schemes he has put in place, saying he doesn’t support people according to their tribe, religion or family background.

“I have renovated mosques, schools and voters are embracing my work in Kikyusa and many other places. I am working with people of different tribes and as long as you are from Bamunanika, you are legible to these scholarship schemes, so people should come for them.”

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