A date every day can prevent you from cancer

By Norah Mukimba

Added 13th July 2016 09:35 PM

They have iron which helps the red blood cells

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They have iron which helps the red blood cells

Dates palm are not berries but fruits which are grown in desert areas in the middle east countries the likes of south Arabia, Tunisian, Morocco Egypt, Dubai, Israel and but mostly in Arab countries and they are grown from trees that look like palm trees.

Dates have very many uses and they act as luxuries but at the same time dates are really and complete foods so many people are encouraged to eating dates because they are good for colonial health and prevent a good number of cancers including colonial cancer lung, breast cancer and oral cavity cancer, easy bleeding tendency anti effective because they have tiny anti-oxidants (flavanities) like green tea.

Dates palms have victim A’ which is very good for eye vision and skin because it has B-carotene, lutein and Zia- thin which offers protection from the different types of cancers as it also prevents easy bleeding tendencies.

They have iron which helps the red blood cells, potassium which protects against stroke heart diseases and pressure and calcium which helps with the bones teeth blood clotting and muscle constructions.

Dates have sugars which is 66% (glucose and fructose), victims B1, B2, niacin and B6 as they help  and facility the utilization of sugars by the body cells that’s why it can help arsine diabetes, they also help much in intestine and helps in reducing diabetic levels due to the rich victims in them.

Doctor Tamale Ismail of Taimex Nutrition Center further explains that dates are energy giving foods because 10dates provide about 100gms of energy and that's about 11% of an adult meal as it facilitates nutrition of organisms as there are amongst the richest of all fruits in all minerals.

Dates are energy giving foods as they are useful in cases of fatigue, weakness and old age and they are very good for pregnant women, young athletes, adolescents, lactating mothers among others because they have many various benefits to one’s health. Doctor Tamale further encourages all people to eat dates saying dates are good for one’s health.

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