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'Kalo' and game meat for lunch . . . anyone?

By Titus Kakembo

Added 12th July 2016 01:51 PM

If you are in Gulu, check into Celestino Market and you'll sure get your taste buds awake!

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Millet bread (kalo) and game meat will rouse your appetite. (Credit: Titus Kakembo)

If you are in Gulu, check into Celestino Market and you'll sure get your taste buds awake!

At first glance, Celestino Market – an eating place in Gulu – is of no consequence. But dig into the mountain of miller bread (kalo) and dip an egg-size portion into the thick stew and ‘mail the post’ to an address called mouth. Then you will know how irresistible it can be.

“A whole fish costs sh4,000,” says waitress Akello.

“I can tell a Luo from Kenya from their Ugandan counterpart by the way they eat,” she brags.

The Baganda are in stiff competition for their devotion to smoked beef with the Bagishu from eastern Uganda.

“Those from central Uganda attribute extensive backsides to the Acholi cuisine,” confides Akello. “And the Bagishu recommend it for making their waists swift when dancing the erotic kadodi.”

You will part with sh4,000 for a dish of potatoes with various types of sauce. (Credit: Titus Kakembo)

The generous portions of meals come at pocket-friendly prices of between sh3000 and sh5000. Some meals are served steaming hot, right from the fire. Talk about variety being the spice of life and one can ask for Lokotokot, boo or chicken in ground nut stew.

If you are in the area now try it out. Those residing around Ring Road can have theirs delivered at a time of their convenience. Did I hear a diner request for antelope meat?

In fact, another wanted Anyeri (edible rat).

“When the grass is in full bloom, hunting Anyeri is next to impossible,” offers Akello.

“The rat burrows in the bush and navigates swiftly. It takes days to get it weighing less than 500 grams.”

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