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Police find 'head of murdered school matron'

By Ruth Nasejje

Added 30th June 2016 06:20 PM

The head was found wrapped in a green polythene bag. Examinations on it are due to be carried out.

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The head was found wrapped in a green polythene bag. Examinations on it are due to be carried out.

PIC: The head believed to be of Flavia Namata was recovered by police. (Credit: Ruth Nasejje)

Local police are due to conduct a DNA test to ascertain if a head they recovered Wednesday is of Flavia Namata, who was murdered and her body dismembered earlier this month by unknown people.

Detectives were led to the spot where the head was by a suspect they had arrested over the killing.

"He offered to take us to Kawempe where he claimed the head was but along the way he changed his mind and we took him back to police cells,” said police Flying Squad Unit commandant Herbert Muhangi.

“But after further interrogation, he took us to Ziroobwe (Luwero district) to a spot where it had been buried.”

Edward Lubega was arrested from a hideout in Kampala late Monday this week during preliminary investigations by police.

According to police’s Muhangi, Lubega denied killing Namata, who was a matron at Light High School in Segguku, but he offered to take them to where the head was hidden.

Police found the head wrapped in a green polythene bag.

Suspect Edward Lubega took police to the spot where the head had been hidden. He is detained at CPS. (Credit: Ruth Nasejje)



This is what school matron Flavia Namata looked like as this picture snapped off an old photo reveals. (Credit: Ruth Nasejje)



Police's Moses Byaruhanga said they will examine the head to ascertain its identity. (Credit: Ruth Nasejje)

Namata’s dismembered body was found dumped in a swamp in Kakiri, Wakiso district earlier in June.

Police are still gathering information on who the killers are and why they murdered her in such grisly fashion.

And with the arrest of Lubega, and the subsequent recovery of the head they believe is of the school matron, they hope to get to the heart of their investigations.

In fact, they are getting more answers, especially after a key confession by Lubega. During interrogation, he revealed that he had been in a relationship with the murdered woman for 10 years.

Moses Byaruhanga, the police director of public health, said a DNA test would be conducted to ascertain the identity. "We are going to examine the head and see if it matches with the body.”

Meanwhile, Lubega remains detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala pending further investigations.

Police have sent the case file to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to sanction a charge of murder against Lubega.

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