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Man wanted for murder ‘poisons self’

By Moses Bikala

Added 21st June 2016 01:13 PM

Rajab Kalemira was wanted for masterminding the murder of a local businessman.

A 34-year-old man wanted by police in Namutumba district over murder has died after reportedly taking a poisonous substance.

Rajab Kalemira was wanted for masterminding the murder of a local businessman, Sheikh Yunus Maganda.

Maganda was lynched by a mob last week after dragging him out of Bugobi police post. The 80-strong group is understood to have overpowered the police, forced him out and killed him.

How it happened

Busoga East police spokesperson James Mubi said that Kalemira and Maganda agreed to do a business transaction in Bugobi. It involved Kalemira selling 40 sacks of groundnuts to Maganda, who operated in Jinja.

The two were friends for some time, as told to police by Jane Birungi, Kalemira’s wife who is under arrest. She was involved in the transaction.

In the middle of their meeting, Kalemira raised an alarm claiming that Maganda had paid him sh4.5m in counterfeit currency. This drew a mob who wanted to lynch the businessman.

But local police intervened and whisked Maganda to Bugobi police post.

The mob led by Kalemira however reportedly regrouped after dark and, armed with sticks and stones, stormed the police post, overpowered the police on duty and forced Maganda out.

Once outside, the group pounced on the hapless trader, killed and beheaded his body before torching it.

Since the grisly incident, Kalemira had been on the run and wanted by police, until when he was found dead at Budaka Health Centre IV.

Henry Mboizi, the senior clinical officer at the health facility, said his body was abandoned at their entrance by unknown people early Tuesday.

He said Kalemira died as a result of ingesting agricultural pesticide, which is poisonous to the human body if drunk.

A postmorten examination is due to be carried out to establish the actual cause of death.

Meanwhile, five people are being held in connection with the murder of businessman Maganda and are due to appear in court to answer charges of murder.


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