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900 Aduku SS students sent home over violent strike

By Francis Alele, Hudson Apunyo

Added 13th June 2016 11:38 PM

Most of the perpetrators of the strike are from S3

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A section of the vandalised perimeter wall at the school. Photo by Francis Alele

Most of the perpetrators of the strike are from S3

Aduku Secondary School board of governors will meet on Wednesday together with Parents Teachers Association (PTA) to decide the fate of 34 Senior Three students who masterminded a violent strike at the school on Saturday night.

The head teacher of the school Patrick Okwir Angulo said the students staged the strike in which they damaged property worth over sh110 including a 307 metres long perimeter wall.

Following the devastating strike, the district authorities ordered the school closed sending over 900 students home.

Some of the students talked to said they were angered by decision of the school authorities to confiscate their private clothes and some of the teachers being harsh to them. The students alleged that the teachers would also cane them after confiscating their clothes which they burnt.

But Angulo said they collected miniskirts and tight trousers from the students and clothes similar to army uniforms which they have kept in the store.

He said most of the perpetrators of the strike are from S3 who failed exams last year and their parents pleaded with the school and were readmitted. He said girls did not participate in the strike.

Another cause of the strike, the students complained that the school gives them porridge very early in the morning at 6am and they wait for lunch at 2pm unlike during the tenure of the former head teacher Edward William Okaka Ayo when they would take porridge at 10am.

The school administration said the students will report back starting with S4 and S6 on June 22, 2016, followed by all girls the following day. S1 and S5 will report on June 24, 2016 and S2 the following day.



S3s who are suspected to be the main perpetrators of the strike will be readmitted on June 26 after screening.

The headmaster said the students destroyed 307 metres perimeter wall fence, windows and door panes from administration block and two classroom blocks, and computer laboratory.

The students also destroyed and vandalized school canteen, the matron’s bicycle which was in the girls’ dormitory and broke into the sick bay.

The strike started at around 11pm on Saturday and police from Aduku Police Station moved in and intervened, firing bullets in the air to scare away the rioting students. The students later fled and slept in the bushes around the school.

The Apac DPC Alfonse Ojangole warned of drastic measures against the perpetrators of the strike. He said all those who participated in the strike would be followed, arrested and prosecuted.

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