Cholera Kills 2, 60 Admitted In Nebbi.

By Benedict Okethwengu

Added 12th June 2016 01:13 PM

Cholera is a serious is contagious infectious disease caused by the bacteria.

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Cholera is a serious is contagious infectious disease caused by the bacteria.

At least two people have died and over 60 others admitted in the various health units following the outbreak of cholera in Nebbi district.

Cholera is a serious is contagious infectious disease caused by the bacteria. It is spread by the unintentional consumption of infected feces that contaminate food and water.

The person infected with the disease experiences severe vomiting, explosive diarrhea and severe dehydration.

According to the survey carried out by New Vision on Friday, the victims admitted in various health units in the district are mostly women and children.

Dr Jakor Oryema, the Nebbi district health officer, confirmed to New Vision on Friday about the outbreak.

He explained that, the first case of cholera was reported in the district last month at Parombo health center III, after two people died at the facility after showing signs and symptom of the disease.

He, however, said since then more cases have been registered in Nebbi Town council, Erussi, Parombo, Panyimur and Akwo sub-county.

“Clinically the first case was received last month at Parombo healthy center III, but it was until June, 4 when a test was carried out and it was confirmed to be Cholera,” He said.

Dr Jakor could not establish the identity of the dead, but noted that they were Congolese nationals.

He said the other infected have been admitted at health centers spread across the district.

“We don’t want to speculate the origin of the outbreak, but the problem seems to have stemmed from DR. Congo because even the two who died were from o DR Congo,” He said.

Nebbi district reported the last case of cholera in 2013 and it was attributed to poor sanitation and hygiene.

But the recent outbreak has left both the politicians and the technocrats in the district baffled about the origin of the disease.

Focus Warom, the district councilor representing Parombo sub-county insists that the disease could have originated from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“We are just victim of our neighbor DRC, we are told there is also an outbreak of cholera in the country and because the people of Congo move here at will. We are just at liberty of acquiring the disease,” he said.

But, Bessie Ajilong, the Nebbi Resident district commissioner, said the district is falling trap of Cholera because most homes have no washing facilities and toilet in their homes

“We are suffering from cholera because most of our homes including leaders have no toilets and washing facilities and that means we are simply eating faces,” he said.

The leaders in the district are now battling with how to contain the situation as it runs short of drugs and facilities to contain the situation before escalating to the other part of the district.

Dr Jakor has appealed to the different stakeholders to intervene to avert the situation.

According to Dr Jakor, they have written to Ministry of health and ordered for drugs from National Medical Store for drugs, but are yet to receive the orders.

“We have written to ministry of health and we hope they are going to respond positively otherwise the situation is getting out hands, we also appeal to other stakeholders to come to our rescue” he said.

The outbreak has also caused formation of vigilantes who are moving across the district to sensitize the people about need to have proper hygiene at home.



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