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Some NRM MPs are angry over the appointment of opposition members as ministers. Who are they?

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Some NRM MPs are angry over the appointment of opposition members as ministers. Who are they?

A good morning to you all! Here's what you'll find in today's New Vision newspaper . . .


Some NRM MPs are angry over the appointment of opposition members as ministers. Who are these MPs? Did the appointment of opposition MPs deny them the chance to be appointed? What were their chances of becoming ministers? Read the New Vision to get the cause of their anger.

DP has threatened to dismiss newly appointed minister Nakiwala Kiyingi from the party. Is there anything wrong with serving the ruling party when you belong to another party? Find out why DP is angry and what Kiyingi’s options are.

The National Youth Council has also expressed reservations over the appointment of former Mengo minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi as state minister for youth and children affairs. Read their reasons inside.

The Leader of Opposition, Winnie Kiiza, wants legal interpretation on opposition appointments to the Cabinet. Find out why she is not comfortable with this olive-branch gesture from the NRM.

If you want to make sense of the new cabinet appointments, New Vision has a detailed analysis inside. Was it based on regional balance, gender, age or…..? Find out why and how the appointments were made.



We bring you the controversy over who will present the budget. But isn’t it obvious that the finance minister has to present the Budget? Then what is the problem if we have a newly appointed minister? New Vision explains the issues involved.

New Vision has the profiles of the new ministers. Do not miss it.

Dropped ministers speak out. Each has a different story to tell about their careers, their expectations, and what they plan to do. We tracked some of the 35 dropped ministers and bring you their experiences and what they think the new ministers must do to realise the 2020 middle-class target.


Today is the reading of the National Budget.

Get an analysis of this year’s budget.


Find out which sectors get what, the new and abolished taxes and which workers receive salary increments.

Get all this easy-to-read budget information in one place.


Over sh1b for 60,000 teachers goes missing. How did all this money vanish, and who are the suspects? Read the New Vision for more information.

Police boss Kale Kayihura has suspended senior officers over election misconduct. Get a copy of the leading daily to know what these Police officers did or failed to do.

 A Makerere University lecturer accused of raping his student has been sent to the High Court to face trial. Get more information on the evidence gathered.

 Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah has been dragged to court over the kidnap of his political rival. We have details of the court case and the charges Oulanyah is facing.


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