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Leicester City fan in Uganda recognised

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 1st June 2016 04:42 AM

Tomas Tumwesigye can now claim to be the number one Leicester fan in Uganda

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Tomas Tumwesigye (L) receives a Leicester jersey from Raj Limbachita at Fairway Hotel. Photo by Michael Nsubuga

Tomas Tumwesigye can now claim to be the number one Leicester fan in Uganda

Leicester City's Premier League win is one of the most astonishing sport stories in world football and they have instantly become one of the most supported teams in the 2015-16 season.

And you would expect that to be an Englishman’s business. But the sympathy they drew even from fans of rival clubs worldwide including Uganda as they marched to their first Premier League trophy in their 132 year history was massive.

On top of the sympathy support they received from thousands of fans in Uganda no one has ever imagined that there is a real Leicester fan in the country until on May 31st when it emerged there is a diehard fan of the Premier League champions.

Tomas Tumwesigye, 23, can now officially claim to be the number one Leicester fan in Uganda after being recognized by Jools Lloyd one the longest serving fanatics of the club.

Lloyd met Tumwesigye while on tour in Bwindi National Park in 2013 while the latter was doing research for his development studies degree at Makerere University. He enticed him into supporting Leicester then and has been in close contact with him since.

After the Premier League win, Lloyd felt an assortment of the teams’ goodies and cash to Tumwesigye to ensure his Leicester Ugandan fan strengthens his bond with the surprise English Champions was in order.

John Baker in the company of Raj Limbachita and Tahir Munir delivered the goods to an excited Tumwesigye at Fairway Hotel.

umwesigye  holds a eicester flag with ohn aker  and  aj imbachita hoto by ichael subuga Tumwesigye (C) holds a Leicester flag with John Baker (L) and Raj Limbachita. Photo by Michael Nsubuga


“I was a junior porter and a student researcher during the holiday when we met and we have since remained great friends through social media. He converted me into a strong Leicester fan and he is one of the great guys to have knocked on my life. Supporting Leicester takes the stress off me and I’m happy,” Tumwesigye said.

“We will continue to maintain a close relationship with him and when we come back to Uganda to do business we will work with him and we also want to see what we can do with sport and how we can use it to help many youngster in Uganda to achieve in life and this is the launch pad,” Baker stated.

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