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‘Fight bad ideas, not individuals’

By John Eremu

Added 27th May 2016 04:40 PM

"Let us fight bad ideas among us. Let’s fight poverty, let’s fight laziness – wrong ideas, ideas that don’t develop us."

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Dr Kenneth Omona, NRM deputy treasurer delivers his speech. (All photos by John Eremu)

"Let us fight bad ideas among us. Let’s fight poverty, let’s fight laziness – wrong ideas, ideas that don’t develop us."

Politicians should concentrate their efforts on fighting bad ideas rather than individuals, a senior National Resistance Movement (NRM) official has said.

Dr. Kenneth Omona, the NRM deputy treasurer said concentrating on individuals only creates enmity and stifles development.

“Politicians these days fight anything,” Omona said recently at the thanksgiving ceremony for the newly-elected Kaberamaido Member of Parliament, Veronica Isala Eragu Bichetero.

From left, Director Dama  Consultants, Engena Maitum, his wife Lady Justice Ilero Maitum and former Kaberamaido RDC Peter Okwera (far right) stretch their arms in prayer for MP Isala

“They fight dogs, they fight flies and they fight even nothing,” Omona said, sending the audience at the Seven Trees restaurant in Kampala into a hearty laughter.

“If you must fight, the enemy must be well-defined. You should first also ask yourself what you are going to achieve by that fight. Is what you are fighting really an enemy? In most cases there are even no enemies.

“So let us fight bad ideas among us. One of them is poverty. Let’s fight poverty, let’s fight laziness – wrong ideas, ideas that don’t develop us.

“For the five years I have been in parliament, I have no enemies, not even in the opposition, because I fight their wrong ideas,” Omona said, reiterating that the NRM philosophy targets bad ideas and ideologies and not individuals.

From left, Denis Esomu, Ali Emetu and Edyangu Salim Saleh were the chief campaign managers for Isala

Omona, who has been succeeded by Isala, commended the people of Kaberamaido for voting President Yoweri MUseveni and the NRM party. Unlike in the past elections, all Kaberamaido MPs including the district chairperson are NRM.

He pledged his support to the district leadership and urged all to support Isala to deliver on her promise to develop the area.

The colourful ceremony preceded by prayers led by Mary Ejanu of Rubaga Miracle Centre was also addressed by Brig. Peter Elwelu, the UPDF Second Brigade Commander, Kaberamaido Resident District Commissioner Segawa Ebil and former Lugazi University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Matthew Odada.

‘Fight against poverty is for everyone’

Elwelu urged the Kaberamaido people in the diaspora to develop their area because nobody will do it for them. He said it was treasonable for people to sleep in grass thatched houses in this era.

Brig. Peter Elwelu, the second division commander of the UPDF, gives his speech. Just behind him is Kaberamaido RDC Ebil Ssegawa

Ebil and Odada called on Isala to concentrate on education in Kaberamaido.

“It is so painful seeing 16-year-old girls in Kaberamaido carrying children,” Ebil said.

“That’s one of the reasons why I supported the lady for the constituency. There’s still rampant poverty. The fight against poverty is for everyone. It’s not for the NRM alone, it’s not for the FDC, it’s not for Catholics, it’s for the Protestants, but everybody’s battle.

“Let’s go back home and fight poverty. The Kaberamaido people have blessed you with their votes, do not let them down,” he added.

Isala admires a yellow rosary Prof Matthew Odada (far-right) says he used to pray for her eventual victory

Odada disclosed that he was very ashamed at a recent meeting where the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) and the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) were releasing an assessment report.

“I kept quiet for over three hours because Kaberamaido was the last of all the 112 districts. If you can pay attention and concentrate on education, you will come back for many terms,” Odada told Isala.

The first woman to represent Kaberamaido constituency, Isala pledged effective representation and called for support to help her achieve her dream of developing the district.

“I am not saying I am going to be a fixer, but I would want all of us to join hands and develop Kaberamaido. I am going to call a meeting to brainstorm on the best way forward for Kaberamaido,” she said.

She said she was not looking for a job when she decided to join politics.


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