Fraudsters hit teacher recruitment process

By Gloria Nakajubi, Clare Muhindo

Added 26th May 2016 03:31 PM

They are taking advantage text messages to solicit for money

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Teachers view the list of shortlisted applicants at the commission offices at Farmers House in Kampala. Photo by Maria Wamala

They are taking advantage text messages to solicit for money

The on-going promotional exercise for head teachers and their deputies has been invaded by conmen and women according to the Education Service Commission.

The commission chairperson, Badru Lubega Wagwa, explained that since the beginning of the exercise in April this year, the commission has received a number of complaints from applicants claiming to have paid money to be shortlisted or even given the jobs.

“People are coming here asking if I can reduce on the money I asked for them to be shortlisted. Whereas others have already paid but their names are nowhere on the list,” he said.

Since the Commission uses text messages to notify especially shortlisted candidates, fraudsters are taking advantage of this to solicit for money.

The commission embarked on a promotional exercise for a total of 221 head teachers and 593 deputy head teachers. Out of 450 applicants for the post of head teacher, only 166 were shortlisted while 1,369 were shortlisted of the 3,294 applicants for deputy head teachers.

To qualify for the post of head teacher, one must have had a teaching experience spanning 12 years in a government secondary school, three of which at the level of deputy head teacher.

Whereas a deputy head teacher must be a graduate with nine years teaching experience in a government aided school and three of which at the level of substantive education officer.

The shortlist currently displayed at the Commission head offices at Farmers house indicates a shortfall of 50 candidates for the post of head teacher.

hairman of the ducation ervice ommission adru ubega agwa urged applicants not satisfied with the process to make an official appeal for review hoto by aria amala Chairman of the Education Service Commission, Badru Lubega Wagwa, urged applicants not satisfied with the process to make an official appeal for review. Photo by Maria Wamala


This as explained by Lubega shows that the some of the applicants were not eligible for the post and therefore could not be shortlisted. He however states that the commission accepts any appeals from applicants on the decision.

“If any applicant is not satisfied with the process, they can make an official appeal to the commission for review,” he said.

The other cartel of fraudsters according to Lubega is targeting retired headteachers and senior educationists with claims of appointments to the Commision. Members to the commission are however appointed by the President.

“As a commission there isn’t much we can do about the fraudsters other than engaging the relevant security agencies to take on the matter,” he said.

Interviews for the shortlisted candidates are scheduled for the 30thMay to 10th June 2016 and 13th to 17th June for Kampala and regional centers (Gulu, Mbale and Mbarara) respectively.

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