Kyle: My Big Brother Confessions – Episode 10

By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

Added 24th May 2016 03:53 PM

Eve was from Botswana and she came with her sister Edith who loved her liquor a little too much for a coloured Setswana lass.

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Eve was from Botswana and she came with her sister Edith who loved her liquor a little too much for a coloured Setswana lass.

My relationship with Eve

On the very first night of the show we had a pretty bad scare when the random selection machine chose Julio and Hilda from Tanzania and Maneta and Tecla from Zimbabwe as the week’s nominees up for eviction. It was definitely hard to take in but somehow I had a great idea which worked. I proposed we sing to shake off the stress and the liquor, which we had in plenty by the way. Eve was the first to second my idea and there I knew me and that girl were going to be a great team in the chase for the $300,000. It didn’t matter that she sung horrible.

We sang a couple of songs in the worst renditions possible and clearly most of the members were not interested as singing wasn’t their forte unlike the few of us who persevered and sang the night away. This somehow eased the tension that IK and his stupid selecting balls had created within just hours of entering the big brother house.

The next morning was strange. I didn’t know how to face Eve because I always had problems facing girls I like and it was going to be worse since I had to meet her in every corridor I turned. The place is too small that your neighbour will pass wind and you can’t help but cover your face. You will go out and the wind will find you there.


Eve was from Botswana and she came with her sister Edith who loved her liquor a little too much for a coloured Setswana lass. So Edith and I both shared enough love for liquor while Eve barely took any. I would always indulge with Edith and I remember one day I was bold and I told her how much I liked her sister. She had only one word for me.

“That girl is broken, I doubt men are her priority right now. Good luck though because she is a total diva”

I dared to dream on and make Eve my very close friend before I said anything about liking her extra ordinarily. I managed to do that and to me that was more important than just saying the magic words. I also knew Botswana would love me if I made tight friends with their girls. Already with Edith there was a liquor relationship, she would steal some liquor from the fridges and hide for me and I did the same for her on a number of occasions. She was my buddy, my ‘guy’. Eve who didn’t drink was to be hard paper but all the same I hung on.

It took me three weeks to tell her how I felt. To rewind a bit though, at the first weekend party she brought me some Absolute Vodka which Keagan had poured for her from one of his stashed bottles. It was nice that she thought about me, not Wati, the chief tester of the whole house. She brought the glass of vodka to me. That meant I was scoring. She saw me as a friend and that was cool, I was headed in the right direction. However I still couldn’t find the courage to tell her. I sort of friend zoned myself thinking it would work. It didn’t, for a while at least.

Fast forward to the third weekend party, Eve somehow drank. The house was getting to her too. I always managed to find her on her bed in the upstairs bedroom and we would, you know, talk, about irrelevant stuff. I want that moment back but unfortunately I wasted time. But thank God that weekend something got over her and she drunk a bit. As the night rushed by, I managed to convince her to drink some more and then boom, she lay her head of my lap as I stroked her hair by the Jacuzzi under the heating lamp. It was cold as hell that day. Winter was at its peak. That was supposed to be my moment. I still didn’t take it, stupid me.

 Eve on her eviction

The next day was a Sunday and there was definitely going to be a live show and of course anyone could be up for eviction. The worst happened. Eve and Edith from Botswana were put on the chopping block along with my best friends and roommates from Ghana in Keitta and Mildred. I had not felt that bad ever since I entered the big brother house. Eve cried and it hurt me. I consoled her and also managed to convince her to move and live with us in the downstairs bedroom. She took a bed just next to me where Ola from Nigeria used to sleep before he opted for a Voluntary exit. That night I said the words.

‘I Love You Eve’ and she didn’t disappoint me. She said ‘I love you too Kyle’. I meant the words. I had fallen for her but I was playing the go slow card. I planted a kiss on her forehead and put her to sleep. I slept well that night. I dreamt of stars and Mary Magdalene paying me a visit at my home with Eve. I somehow tried hard not to be an opportunist and shower her all my love within a week that was probably going to be her last. I just made sure I made her comfortable and whatever was going to happen would happen. She enjoyed my company. She absolutely loved my company.

The worst happened on the fourth Sunday though. Twenty eight days in, my best friends from Ghana were evicted so did Eve and Edith from Botswana. That was my lowest point of the whole game. I felt alone and abandoned. Here I was, Eve had been evicted without me taking the feelings to the next level as I hoped she would stay longer since she was a good team player.

The girl who woke me up every morning for the daily workout had been evicted. I shed an honest tear. She hugged me last as she exited the house. I still feel that warm one kiss she planted on my lips as everybody else watched in awe!

I couldn’t wait to exit the house so I could meet Eve with no camera watching!

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