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Tasty chicken at a market day in Katakwi

By Francis Emorut

Added 21st May 2016 10:44 AM

There is a variety of meats to pick from.

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There is a variety of meats to pick from.

It’s blazing hot and you are hungry. First thing that pops up in your mind? Food, of course!

If this particular day finds you in Katakwi district, and you are a meat lover, then you should try out a roasted chicken breast or a cow hoof, locally known as Mulokony. This on market day at Ocormongin.

There is plenty to choose from to keep your unsettled taste buds at bay.

 I found these men busy at work, and they have found interesting ways to make a grill: drums and a mesh



The market is a buzz of activity and attracts businessmen from Mbale, Soroti, Kaberamaido and Amuria districts



The roasted chicked looked and tasted delicious!



It's not all chicken at this market. If you fancy some fish, here is cat fish mixed in groundnuts



Or you can try out the cow hooves, which many of you call Mulokony. They say it's good for the joints



You will also find cow offals to have with your matooke (steamed green bananas dish or any other food. It's all here.



Some poultry are sold live at Ocormongin. Take for instance, this young man selling ducks



Meanwhile, this fisherman en route to Lake Bisina, rides past, his bicycle loaded with small basket fish traps. From the torch dangling down his neck, it's apparent he fishes well into the night

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