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Finance Officer at TWED Property Development

A fast growing Property Development Company, offering a wide range of high quality real estate solutions and services and has proven to be a unique market player leading in the property development and management sector guided by its mission: “to develop and provide real estate solutions and facilities that will enhance customer productivity and wellness” is now seeking to recruit qualified, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and competent persons to fill various positions and be part of this story. Below are the positions:

1. Finance Officer-1

Overall responsibility of the position

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Finance Officer shall be responsible for the overall planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and advising the Managing Director and team on all financial management matters of the Company in these areas:

Key Functions

a. Develop and formulate strategic financial plans and budget outlines of projected revenue sources, expenditure and measures to be taken

b. Oversee the day-to-day financial management /accounting activities of the Company and all statutory obligations plus effective accountability for all revenues collected

c. Developing and implementing effective financial management policies, procedures and systems for effective financial control

d. Property Management, Assets and inventory management system

e. Transparent Procurement management

Key Performance Indicators for the position

1. To implement continuous financial audits and control systems to required standards

2. Monitor Company financial performance and advise the MD

3. Processing of accurate and timely financial reports (financial accounts and implication on business regularly

4. Compliance with all, policies, standards and statutory financial requirements

5. Administration Support and transparent procurement processes

Qualifications and skills required

1. A holder of University degree in Finance and Accounting

2. Professional accounting training is a requirement with knowledge in accounting systems and procedures

3. Experience in finance management of not less than three (3) years

4. Knowledge of some accounting software packages (Quick Books preferably)

2. Administration and Property Management Officer

Overall responsibility of the position:

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Administration Officer shall be in charge of the day-to-day running of the organization’s business and shall discharge their duties with an aim to deliver exceptional Offi ce and Property management of the Company’s resources in line with the Company’s vision and values of good ambiance and Customer satisfaction.

Key Functions

  1. Oversees and administers the day-to-day activities of the office; develops policies, procedures, and systems which ensure productive and efficient office operation and provides assistance in their interpretation and application

2. Supervises the work of employees in supporting roles, including assigning workload and monitoring employee performance;

3. Oversees and facilitates resources management and administration procedures and documentation of all activities;

4. Management of the administrative aspect of all company properties ( contractual)

obligations-contracts of tenants, their tenure and exit procedures)

5. Organizes and facilitates meetings, conferences, and other special events;

coordinates and attends committee meetings, and participates in committee

discussions, as appropriate.

6. Oversee the Security and cleaning aspects of all Company properties by developing

a well coordinated and managed structure and guidelines to do this

7. Handle the Personnel function,

Key Performance Indicators for the Position

1. Effective coordination of all activities of offi ce operations that result in retention and increased clientele

2. Functionality of systems that will ensure turnaround time of delivery of services

3. Smooth tenancy contracts management

4. A stable, trained and guided workforce

5. All required policies and guidelines are in place and being used

Qualification, Skills attributes for the Position

1. A University degree in Administration and Management

2. Professional qualifications in administration can be an added advantage

3. Experience of not less than three (3) years

4. Leadership and organization skills

5. Communication and organization skills with ability to multi-task

3. A Quantity Surveyor

Reporting to the Managing Director, the position holder’s overall responsibility shall be to manage all costs of the Company relating to buildings (maintenance- new and old), and civil engineering projects with an intension of minimizing costs and enhancing value for money while still achieving the required standards and quality

Key Functions

1. Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the Architect and/or the client;

2. Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour

Costs for any project upcoming

3. Prepare, negotiate and analyze costs for tenders and contracts

4. Assisting the procurement team in the analysis, selection and placement of sub Contractor orders

6. Valuing completed work and arranging for payments

7. Undertaking cost analysis for repairs and maintenance for company property

Key Performance Indicators for the Position

1. Delivery of subcontract fi nal accounts within agreed budgets and advising on all communications relating to the activity

2. Ability to control subcontractors and maximization of value recovery

3. Ensuring cost control and cost management are maintained and validating

progress data in order to ensure accurate reporting to the Managing Director

4. Delivery of competent support to the operational management team.

Qualification, Skills and Attributes for the Position

1. A University degree in QS

2. Accreditation to chartered surveyors is an added advantage

3. Relevant experience in practice of 3 years

4. Methodical way of thinking and excellent communication and negotiating skills

5. Good financial, construction works and numeracy management skills

4. Head of Security

Reporting to the Administration and Property Offi cer, the head of Security shall plan, direct, organize and coordinate security activities to safeguard Company property, employees and visitors

Key Functions

1. Lead operational risk management activities to enhance the value of the company

2. Oversee a network of security team who safeguard the company’s property as well as the physical safety of employees, tenants and visitors to the Company

3. Train subordinate security team and conduct assessments to test abilities.

4. Develop and implement security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure security all the time and the investigation of security breaches;

5. Plan and coordinate the security function including planning for special and highrisk activities

Key Performance Indicators for the Position

1. The degree of risk management defi nes the success of the position.

2. Customer service -assessed through customer satisfaction surveys, commendations from the customers assessed through independent agents

engaged by management

3. Guard services assessed through quality of supervision, reports meeting timely and quality standards, deployments and service management meeting Company expectations and managing very well all security risks

4. Incident response assessed by how fast response takes place during incidents, response indicating appropriate knowledge applied and meeting client expectations

Qualification, Skills and Attributes for the Position

1. Minimum requirement of Advanced level certificate and professional

training in Security management

2. Work experience of not less than Six (6) years in related positions within a private and fast growing business sector

3. Ability to assess risks based on small information

Application procedures

Interested persons who meet the above Company expectations can express their interest by submitting their applications and their detailed CVs (no document attachments) by email; You can also call us on Tel nos: 0393 516 317, 0752-987259, 0782-301718,

0701-866067 for any clarifications needed.

Closing Date: Saturday 14th May 2016 at 5pm.

Only short listed persons will be contacted

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