Irene Ntale, Maro to headline Ice Cream and Cake Festival

By Solomon Muleyi

Added 7th May 2016 07:17 PM

Come next Sunday May 15th, all roads lead to the Uganda Museum

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Irene Ntale will be one of the headline acts at the festival.

Come next Sunday May 15th, all roads lead to the Uganda Museum

There are two steps to winning a Kampala girl’s heart. The first step will be promising her ice cream or cake in a swanky brasserie whose ambience attracts exclusively, the Ugandan citizenry from high-brow families.

The second step that will sweep her off her feet is living up to your promise and actually take her there.

And it is a notion the organizers of the Kampala Ice Cream Festival understood very well and there upon, organized a function that will appeal to the excitement such a school of thought evokes.

Come next Sunday May 15th, all roads in and outside Kampala will lead to the Uganda Museum for the Kampala Ice Cream and Cake Festival.

For the horny Kampala chaps, the sight of a cute lass clad in extremely revealing garb licking on the contents melting and dripping off an ice cream corn is a fantasy your brain can work with.

And for the women, well, Ice Cream and Cake. Look here, there will be lots of Ice Cream and Cake at the Kampala Ice Cream and Cake Festival.

Need I repeat that? Imagine Ice Cream in all sorts of flavors. The ones you have imagined and only come close to eating on YouTube.

Now, it’s common knowledge that many Ugandan girls will scream Black Forest when cake is mentioned. But there are people in Uganda who can make better cake. Plus, imagine being in a place with a panoply of options.

Interestingly, still, there is a package for everyone. For the woman with kids who regrets marrying early and therefore wants to rid herself of the kids so she can drool at young boys with bodies that have seen the work of an efficient gym chisel, there are bouncy castles.

Add face painting to that and the kids will have as much fun as they will be distracted. For the mums and those women who, when after eating from fancy brasseries complain of the food with the statement; “I can cook better than this”, there is a cake making contest. Make your best cake and carry it to festival, mum, and then let the world validate your statement for you.

And to many, that seems like too much entertainment (because you know what they say, that the best way to win over a man or any woman for that matter, is through their stomach) but there is more. 

Performances will come in form of DJ’s, Roja, Slick Stuart and musical artistes, Irene Ntale and Maro.

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