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Students conned of fees by witch doctors

By Wilson Asiimwe

Added 2nd May 2016 02:06 PM

Andama said that the witch doctors had been obtaining money from the students and promising to make them wise and so they can pass their examinations

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The three witch doctors at Kasese central police station

The Police in Kasese have arrested three witch doctors for allegedly conning students of their fees 'to give them wealth and wisdom'.

The trio was arrested last week from Kikonzo Cell in Railway ward of central division in Kasese municipality after they conned several students of Bright Academy Secondary School in Kasese municipality of sh1m.

Joseph Andama, the Kasese municipality division police CIID chief confirmed the arrest of of Nsubuga James, a resident of Bweyogerere; Musoke George of Kireka and Lillian Namubiru, a re-known business woman in Kasese town after they conned students and threatened to harm them if they did not comply with the conditions given to him of paying more money.

Andama said that the witch doctors had been obtaining money from the students and promising to make them wise and so they can pass their examinations.

"These students had given up attending classes and would spend most of their time in the shrine because the witch doctors had convinced them that they would pass without even attending lessons and had paid all the school fees to them," said Andama.

One of the students who had been given money to go to a boarding school opted to stay with the witch doctors because they had taken all his fees.

"We arrested these people after a student opened a case against them narrating that the witch doctors had taken his money and never delivered the service, When he inquired he was instead intimidated that he would die," Said Andama.

The student who was identified as Alex Mujuni told the New Vision at Kasese police that he was asked to pay sh600,000 for consultation and later asked to pay sh240,000.

However after paying, Nalongo Namubiru asked him to pay more money or deliver a goat and that is when he decided reported to police.

While at Police the witch doctors said they would solve Mujuni's problems of money and wisdom to pass exams but he rushed before going through all the rituals.

"This young man with his colleagues approached us that he wanted our intervention because he wanted wisdom to pass their senior four examinations we gave him conditions which he failed to fulfill and that's when he decided to rush to police," said Namubiru.

On arrest and search sh500,000 was recovered from their shrines and feathers of cocks, human skulls and a snake which they were using to scare people.

Andama warned students from seeking for wisdom from the shrines and urged them to read hard so that they can pass their examinations.

The police say they will be taken to court and charged with obtaining money by false pretence and also operating witchcraft without license.

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