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Kobs win national rugby league

By Johnson Were

Added 23rd April 2016 08:51 PM

After the interval, Buffaloes launched a spirited fight, but it was a little too late.

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Action between Kobs and Buffaloes on Saturday. (Credit: Johnson Were)

After the interval, Buffaloes launched a spirited fight, but it was a little too late.

Betway Kobs defeated Toyota Buffaloes 41-22 on Saturday to win the 2015/2016 Nile Special Premier Rugby League title, with a game to spare.

Kobs came into this game determined to not to take the title decider to the final game against their rivals Heathens, and illustrated their intentions by brutally whipping Buffaloes 41-6 by half time.

Michael Amolo, Adnan Mutebi, Davis Kiwalabye, Brian Odongo, and Oscar Kalyango registered a try each as Joseph Aredo managed a penalty and four conversions to give Kobs a dominant lead at the break.


After the interval, Buffaloes launched a spirited fight, managing to score a number of points but could not overturn the massive gap.

"We played well in the first half and managed to score more points but in the second half we were more on the defensive, managing to give away many penalties," said Kobs captain Odongo.

Meanwhile, in the first game of the day, Hima Cement Heathens smashed Ezee Money Rhinos 43-18 but the win kept them in second place.

In other games, Mongers defeated Warriors 30-17 while Pirates defeated Rams at Legends to finish third on the league standings.

The league trophy will be given out next Saturday after the Heathens v Kobs game that is dubbed the ‘Clash of the Titans’.  

Kobs fans celebrates a try


 Buffaloes 22 Kobs 41

Heathens 43 Rhinos 18

Mongers 30 Warriors 17


1. Kobs 72 points

2. Heathens 64

3. Pirates 46

Relegation zone

8. Impis 11

9. Rams 7

10. Gulu 7 (Disqualified).

Heathens' Asuman Mugerwa scores  a try against Rhinos. Heathens won 43-18

Heathens fans rally their side on


1. Philip Wokorach 18 tries (Heathens)

2. Asuman Mugerwa 17 (Heathens)


1. Philip Wokorach 211 points (Heathens)

2. James Injongat 107 (Kobs)


 Buffaloes sends off Toyota Uganda MD Dino

 URU CEO and winners of Nile Special tickets to watch the Rugby Cranes play their international games


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