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The aftermath of heavy rains

By Wilfred Sanya

Added 22nd April 2016 04:25 PM

With the rains back, not many are delighted.

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With the rains back, not many are delighted.

After a long dry spell, the rains are back. Many are having a sigh of relief, but for the residents of Wakiso and Nakaseke districts in the boundaries of Namayumba, they have all the reason to worry.

River Mayanja in central Uganda has burst its banks, cutting off several parts of the two districts. Travellers now have to use other available routes.

Wakiso mayor-elect Kalyango Kasenene has warned travelers not to risk using the Semuto-Busunju raod which has been cut off. “Whoever uses it does so at his or her own risk.”

Kasenene said that in some sections, water springs have emerged in the middle of the road. “You see water gushing out of what used to be the main road.”












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