How to give your compound a different look

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"Every piece put in the compound has a function, it’s either practical or decorative,"

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Garden furniture

"Every piece put in the compound has a function, it’s either practical or decorative,"

Adding a little spark to your compound makes it look more beautiful and attractive.  

Francis Omuut, a landscaper says before making choices, the first question a person should ask is; What do I want to use my compound for, is it for entertaining or relaxing? Sharing it with family or spending intimate evenings with someone special?

"Every piece put in the compound has a function, it’s either practical or decorative," he says.  

What to consider
Omuut, says after you have thought of how to enjoy your garden, start thinking about some of the practical matters you will need to consider before making your choice.

John Meddie Segane, another landscaper says before putting furniture in a compound, one’s personality or life style should be considered. He says designers should first consult the owners of what they want.

"Some people may prefer a traditional setting while others modern. However, if someone is to do it on his or her own, She or he should consult the furniture store or designers," Segane said.

It is important to consider where and how you are going to store your furniture once the weather turns cold.

Wood best for garden furniture
Omuut, says wood furniture is good if a person prefers a casual, warm and natural style. It is a traditional and classic material and besides, its natural look is a great for an outdoor setting.

He adds that it is the most desirable material for both indoor and outdoor furniture although many home owners tend to avoid wooden garden furniture due to its vulnerability to moisture, sunlight and termites.

Segane, also says wood doesn't retain heat, so it does not get hot during sunny days. If it’s periodically treated and protected well, they can extend their durability like from two to three decades.


How to maintain garden furniture
"Furniture should be periodically treated because it’s exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. It should often be polished, varnished, painted or sealed. Also use oil or stain to avoid insects," says Segane.

Omuut also said if you cannot move your furniture to an indoor space during the rainy season, apply a protective coating (a weather proof cover) with a matching rust resistant paint. And if it’s metal, build a structure in the backyard such as a gazebo to keep it there.

Painting the furniture
Segane, says furniture should relate with the plants and be in harmony with the land scape.

If the compound has a lot of green, the colour of the furniture should be different to give someone a good feeling that they are in a garden.

He also notes that there should be light in the garden in case a person stays out late in the compound.

How to clean garden furniture
"Keeping the furniture clean not only makes the piece more attractive, but lengthens its lifespan," says Omuut.

Segane says, cleaning compound furniture does not involve hassling, one has to only do regular dusting and vacuuming and may be, monthly deep cleaning.

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