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Building a pool of flight operators

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Moriah students during a flight plotting class

Building a pool of flight operators

By Benon Ojiambo
Statistics show that globally, the Aviation industry is projected to have a shortage of between 350,000 - 500,000 professional personnel by 2030 considering the rate of aircraft acquisitions and traffic growth as compared to the rate of qualification of the aviation professionals. Click here for more

Managing fatigue after travel

 By Evelyn Masaba

Travelling is such a fun experience but can be very hectic especially if you are moving from one time zone to another. The tiring effect on your body usually lead to jet lag.Jet lag can be simply explained as a temporary sleep disorder that occurs when you move between time zones especially from east to west, or west to east on a jet plane. The more time zones you cross the more intense it will be.Click here for more


DAS Handling Limited

Eagle Air

Vine Air Flight Academy

EAC Civil Aviation Safety and Security Agency (CASSOA)

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority


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