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In pictures: Kayihura goes on patrol in Bundibugyo

By Rogers Sunday

Added 25th March 2016 05:19 AM

"There is no need for revenge," police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura tells Bundibugyo residents.

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Gen. Kale Kayihura crosses a water channel during a patrol in Ntotoro sub-country in Bundibugyo district. (Credit: Sunday Rogers)

"There is no need for revenge," police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura tells Bundibugyo residents.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura rushed to Bundibugyo district following tribal clashes between the Bamba and Bakonjo tribes.

There, he went on patrol with other security teams, particularly in Ntotoro sub-county where the latest attacks starteds in Busendwa village.









 "Help us to identify the wrong elements that are trying to destabilize the existing peace so that we can eliminate them from society," Gen Kayihura told the residents of Busendwa village.



But locals are not taking chances. They are armed with bows and arrows for self-defence, like these ones pictured listening to Kayihura.

"We have been focusing on the Democratic Republic of Congo hoping that it is where the enemy could come from, not knowing that the problem is here," Kayihura told the locals.

“I am here to ensure that calm returns to this area without any more bloodshed. There is no need for revenge."



Meanwhile, the latest clashes in the district have taken a deadly turn. Here, relatives of those killed in the clashes wait at Bundibugyo district mortuary



Coffins containing the bodies of the late Mulyabwana Nelson and his wife, both killed in the clashes



Despite the presence of security and assurances by Police chief Kayihura, many residents are fleeing the area



Most homes and businesses remain closed in the entire Ntotoro sub-county after people fled to Bubukwanga refugee camp. Fear is driving people out of their homes



Meanwhile, Bungendera County MP-elect Christopher Kibanzanga who had accompanied the Gen. Kaihura was denied a platform to address the locals.

A Mukonjo by tribe, Kibanzanga is accused of fueling the latest attacks. In fact, he was whisked off by security personnel after residents, who carried machetes, bow and arrows booed him on first sight as Kayihura addressed them.

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