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Gunman kills Kawempe retailer in night attack

By Abbey Ramadhan

Added 24th March 2016 09:24 AM

The armed man ordered everyone on the floor, shot in the air, and then told the retail to give him all the money he had.

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Kira Road Police station OC, SP Michael Kasigire arrived at the scene where a retailer was shot dead by a gunman, now at large. (Credit: Henry Kasomoke)

The armed man ordered everyone on the floor, shot in the air, and then told the retail to give him all the money he had.

KAMPALA - An armed thug has killed a businessman in Kawempe, injuring three others and making off with over sh2m.

The unidentified assailant is still at large as local police launched a manhunt to capture him.

Sadiq Ahimbisibwe, 32, died on spot inside his retail shop after being shot by the gunman. The incident, according to eye witnesses, happened at around 8.30pm local time Tuesday.

The unidentified man, wielding an AK47 rifle, got off a motorcycle and ordered everyone around the shop to lying on the floor as he shot in the air, said Habibu Mugalu, who was at the scene when the deadly episode unfolded.

He then ordered the salesman – Ahimbisibwe – to hand him all the money he had, a command he heeded, said the eyewitness.

“But as soon he had given him the money, the thug shot Ahimbiswe,” added Mugalu.

As he fled the scene, the gunman reportedly shot three other people (pictured below) in the legs. One of them was the retailer’s 10-year-old daughter, Sumaya Noyereza.



 Sadiq Ahimbisibwe was shot and died on spot


It appeared the man waiting on the motorcycle was an accomplice. As soon as the armed man had got the money, he hopped onto the bike and the two sped off into the night.

Jafaru Atukwasa, one of the shareholders of the retail shop, said sh2.4m was taken.

Kira Road Police office-in-charge, SP Michael Kasigire later arrived at the scene when police was notified of the incident.

He appealed to businesspeople to avoid keeping cash in bulk at their workplaces, saying the Tuesday incident thugs knew there was cash at the shop.

Kasigire said they have launched investigations into the deadly attack, adding that the culprits will be dealt with according to the law once they are caught.

Mugalu, who was among those told to lie on the floor during the attack, later said it was not the first such incident in the area. A gang of thugs recently attacked a nearby supermarket and made off with “a lot of money”.

He called on police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura to avail them with a police post in the area to curb the rising incidence of crime.


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