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Canon Byamugisha returns, throws thanksgiving party

By Mathias Mazinga

Added 16th March 2016 09:58 AM

Canon Byamugisha donated 10 bags of cement to the development projects of Canon Gidedonn Foundation, of which he is the founding Executive Director.

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Canon Byamugisha delivers his thanksgiving speech with his wife Pamela. Photo by Mathias Mazinga

Canon Byamugisha donated 10 bags of cement to the development projects of Canon Gidedonn Foundation, of which he is the founding Executive Director.

About seven months ago, Rev. Canon Dr. Gideon Byamugisha Ssemakula was diagnosed with cancer. His doctors in Uganda recommended him to India for surgery.

One Sunday evening, Byamugisha broke this news to the Christians who congregate at Bishop Samuel Chapel, at Hope Institute in Nabweru. Many of his friends shed tears because they never expected him to return.

But thanks be to God, Canon Byamugisha is now back in the country. He is visibly full of life, joy, hope and determination. It is for this reason that together with his wife Pamela and friends, he organized an evening thanksgiving prayer service at Hope Institute of Transformational leadership and Development at Nabweru, in Wakiso district on Sunday, March 13.

he yamugishas gig with ishop sekkadde and aama llen sekkadde hoto by athias azinga The Byamugishas gig with Bishop Ssekkadde and Maama Allen Ssekkadde. Photo by Mathias Mazinga


The service was presided over by the Bishop Emeritus of Namirembe Anglican diocese, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Balagadde Ssekkade, who praised Canon Byamugisha for standing steadfast in his Christian faith, despite the challenging health condition he has been going through for relatively long.

ishop sekkadde gives holy ommunion to the yamugishas Bishop Ssekkadde gives holy Communion to the Byamugishas


As it was when he was going to India for treatment, so it was as when he returned. Tears of joy flowed down as the healthy looking and visibly energetic Canon Gideon, franked by his wife Dr. Pamela Byamugisha, addressed his guests.

“I do give thanks for the manifold blessings God has bequeathed upon my life, my family and to our ministry through all of you my friends, well-wishers and supporters in Uganda, Africa and Worldwide.

he yamugishas being greeted by friends The Byamugishas being greeted by friends


As champions of hope, you have fed us, nursed us, paid our hospital bills and accommodation expenses.  You have looked after our family and paid special attention to our children’s educational needs, their psycho-social care and spiritual nurture.

As champions of hope, you have enabled us to finish 25 rounds of Radiotherapy, to start on Chemotherapy and to be buoyed with mountains of spiritual hope, physical courage and friendship solidarity in the face of life-threatening diagnoses, tough surgeries and life-saving-treatment regimens.”

anon yamugisha with members of the family of the late ohn ock uzze hoto by athias azinga Canon Byamugisha with members of the family of the late John Rock Luzze. Photo by Mathias Mazinga


More tears flowed down as Canon Byamugisha passionately thanked his wife for standing besides him in all his trials and tribulations.

“These days you must be very blessed to get a wife like Pamela. Pamela, thank you. You have been a blessing to me.

I was sleeping in a rented single room, somewhere in Nakulabye, but when I met you, I now have a house. I had only one kid, but now I have several of them. I am also now a Canon and academic doctor,” Byamugisha also paid tribute to Bishop Ssekkadde, his spiritual father and mentor.

rofessor race yeyune of ope niversity delivers her speech Professor Grace Kyeyune of Hope University delivers her speech


Canon Gideon’s daughter, Hope Kirabo could also not hide her excitement. She took the mic and crooned a song of gratitude for her parents. The students of Hope Institute, which was started by Canon Gideon, also entertained the guests.

Canon Byamugisha’s cousin, Engineer Hans Mwesigwa played the key-board during the service, which was also graced by retired Canon Augustine Magala Musiiwuufu and Rev. James, the parish priest of Nansana.

One wouldn’t have expected a man from the hospital to make a donation. But probably owing to his unrivalled generosity, Canon Byamugisha donated 10 bags of cement to the development projects of Canon Gidedonn Foundation, of which he is the founding Executive Director.

Yes, Canon Byamugisha has returned alive, strong, nice-looking and full of hope. But he also has to go back to India after three months for further medical examination. So, continue to pray for him, further to giving him moral and financial support.

Canon Byamugisha is one of the greatest clergymen, both in the world-wide Anglican and Catholic religions. He holds the historic reputation of being the first ever African Church leader (both in the Catholic and Anglican Communions) to come out openly and declare his HIV/AIDS status.

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