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Man lynched after burning wife, child in marital home

By Moses Nampala

Added 8th March 2016 09:30 AM

On the fateful evening, Chebotei visited his family and a row erupted between the couple

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A Police woman together with her six month old baby in Kween district were cruelly burnt to death, after the grass thatched hut (manyata) they were living in was set ablaze.

The suspected arsonist Gilbert Chebotei, 38, also husband to the fallen police constable was moments later lynched by a mob as he attempted to escape on foot.

The tragic incident occurred on Sunday night, Kiriki sub county Police outpost in Kween district. Sebei Regional Police spokesperson Mike Odong, confirmed the incident on Monday.

The deceased police woman has been identified as constable Hellen Kusro attached to Kiriki Police post, in Kween district. The infant has been identified as Phebosy Jesse.

Chebotei is a resident of Kapnekwesa village, Kwany Sub County, Kween district.

Police pathologist Dr. Barnabas Rubanza, who examined the deceased at Kapchorwa Hospital mortuary, said the fallen constable the infant were burnt beyond recognition.

“Scrutiny of the body of the suspected arsonist revealed that he was killed using blunt objects like stones, clubs and whips,” said the pathologist.

Kusro’s colleagues at Kiriki police outpost that has grass thatched huts said they woke up to witness her manyatta engulfed in flames.

“Frantic efforts to save our colleague could not readily be done as we realized that the door had been locked from outside with a huge padlock,” constable Andrew Lokeris said regretfully.

“By the time we put out the fire both mother and son were dead” he added.

The couple did not always live together as Chebotei would only visit occasionally and stay for a day or two then head back to Kapnewesa.

On the fateful evening, Chebotei visited his family and a row erupted between the couple.

“Chebotei had suspected Kusro of having a secret relationship,” attested Constable Esther Kulany who mediated in the couples misunderstanding earlier that evening.

The couple later went to a pub in Kiriki trading centre for a drink. Sam Chemuso the owner of the pub told police that the couple had stayed up to 11PM before heading home.

“20 minutes later I was told that the police woman together with her baby had been burnt to death,” said Chemuso.

Concerned natives mounted a search for Chebotei, only to find him almost a kilometer away, from the scene of the crime as he attempted to flee on foot.

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